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Worm ewes, if they were treated in November or if there is evidence of unthriftiness.
The condition is described as 'neonatal animal hypothyroidism' with colloidal goiter, alopecia, unthriftiness, thyroid thrill and a high rate of mortality, associated with decreased serum [T.sub.3], [T.sub.4] levels and increased TSH activity (Singh et al., 2003).
Clinically infected horses exhibit signs of unthriftiness, anaemia, colic and diarrhoea (Urquhart et al., 1996).
Signs associated with both internal and external parasites depend on the type and number of parasites present and can range from no apparent effects to general unthriftiness, weakness, debilitation, and ultimately death of the host.
Symptoms vary but in general are those of unthriftiness. See Nematode.
Clinical signs in affected animals include anaemia, unthriftiness, hypoproteinemia resulting in bottle jaw, diarrhea (not a consistent feature) and eventual death, if untreated.
Chronic fascioliasis is seen in all seasons; signs include anemia, unthriftiness, submandibular edema, and reduced milk secretion, but even heavily infected cattle may show no clinical signs.
Hyostrongylus is a common parasite that causes unthriftiness. Recommended wormers are thiabendazole, levamisole, and dichlorvos.