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I introduced myself as a policeman and told him to untie the pupils.
At some point, after the burglars discovered a locked safe, the male homeowner convinced the two men to untie him so he could open the safe.
just untie a shot in space deliberately merciless over the time's
The league imposed the punishment upon the 28-year-old American on Wednesday after he attempted to untie an opposing player's shoes Tuesday during New York's 89-85 home victory over Detroit.
Spirituality collections strong in Catholic images and new interpretations of women's strengths will find Untie the Strong Woman: Blessed Mother's Immaculate Love for the Wild Soul to be a powerful ysis.
In particular she analyzes the trend in recent decades to untie food aid from commercial interests in most places but the US.
With the door re-opened, the operator can untie the outlet spout tapes.
minutes teeth like the ratchet of a come along, no way to untie the 8
Clarissa Pinkola Estes (author); UNTIE THE STRONG WOMAN; Sounds True (Nonfiction: Body, Mind & Spirit) $27.95 ISBN: 9781604076356
But the thugs then had to untie him as he couldn't get up off the floor to follow their orders of walking upstairs.
1 : to undo the knots in <I can't untie my shoelaces.>