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Say it again, please," he said in a simple, bothered manner; "do you mean that Todhunter can tie himself up all alone and untie himself all alone?
At some point, after the burglars discovered a locked safe, the male homeowner convinced the two men to untie him so he could open the safe.
The league imposed the punishment upon the 28-year-old American on Wednesday after he attempted to untie an opposing player's shoes Tuesday during New York's 89-85 home victory over Detroit.
Spirituality collections strong in Catholic images and new interpretations of women's strengths will find Untie the Strong Woman: Blessed Mother's Immaculate Love for the Wild Soul to be a powerful ysis.
In particular she analyzes the trend in recent decades to untie food aid from commercial interests in most places but the US.
Federal legislation, now under consideration, would untie what has been called the "Gordian knot of American politics.
It holds securely yet is easy to release and untie.
More than not washing anyone else's feet, someone would untie our shoes and pull off our socks for us before they washed our feet, and afterward they'd give our feet a good massage.