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to the Untied Nations' chief on August 1, following a meeting of Kashmir's parliamentary committee.
But this picture is incomplete, since 'ODA that is reported as untied can still be tied 'informally' through procedural restrictions that give companies from the donor country an unfair advantage.'
Should I tie my camel and then entrust Allah or should I leave the camel untied and then entrust Him?' The Prophet (PBUH) replied: 'Don't leave your camel untied: instead first tie the camel and then put your Tawakkal on Allah."(Tirmizi #2441)
In 2016, more than 88% of total bilateral aid was said to be complying with the principles of untied aid.
UNICEF: PS5 Grateful thanks to Mary Untier of Knots for second knot untied. Published as promised, MMcD.
And with general early elections, it is hard to believe that the big political-legal knot will be untied because it is unrealistic to expect the opposition that did not recognize the last elections and which demand a caretaker government before the next elections to take part in them.
FIVE-A-SIDE LEAGUE RESULTS GOALS Teesside Monday night 5-a-side league results: Acklam Fas 5, Young And Old FC 2; Skelton Park 2, Real Sociable Dads 5; Dyslexic Untied 9, Hope Athletic 7; Top Kiddy 9, Tony Irving FC 3.
The NBA had already issued Smith a warning about such moves after he untied the left shoelace of Dallas forward Shawn Marion during a second quarter free throw attempt last Sunday when the Knicks beat the visiting Mavericks 92-80.
Summary: Washington: Top Untied States and Chinese officials are meeting in Washington December 12 and 13.
The man untied the ropes and allowed the boat to drift aimlessly around the small harbour, which is often home to million-pound yachts.
They may also get support of at least two close allies of the BJP, namely Janata Dal (Untied) and Shiromani Akali Dal which favour debate on the coal scam while BJP continues to insist on resignation of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and cancellation of all coal block allotments.