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3 PIERRE HUYGHE, UNTILLED (DOCUMENTA 13, KASSEL) This enigmatic installation in the cornposting area of a park involved a naked female acepha1e protected by an actual dog with a pink fluorescent leg.
Much of the content of the letters suggest a humble, though rich, life filled with numerous building projects and attention to the "glebe land of the parish," untilled by previous holders, including Sancroft, which provides a portion of Davenport's living.
The work is called Untilled and its materials are described as 'alive entities and inanimate things, made and not made'.
Betty planted corn on half an acre of untilled land and soybeans on the other half, both of which she received as part of the program.
Keeping in view the issue of energy crises and delayed wheat sowing by conventional methods, an energy efficient zone wavy disk tiller has been developed and fabricated, which can sow wheat crop in untilled hand harvested standing paddy residue field.
Where soils are compacted but subject to erosion, strip tillage is a good compromise because crops can be planted efficiently and grow well in the loosened soil of the tilled strips while the untilled portions of the field conserve soil and water and control weeds.
It was sold to farmers in combination with Roundup so the crop could be planted directly into untilled soil with no follow-up cultivation.
The points chosen were state-owned lands that were untilled and uncultivated.
These Red Sox are writing new franchise history, plowing previously untilled soil.
But as much as there is in this novel, there is also a good amount of untilled earth.
One field was 'strip tilled' with nitrogen fertilizer placed in a band in the soil, while another field was left untilled with a surface application of nitrogen fertilizer.