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That it must have been an untimely end, there is no discussion.
All this, and more, was known and told, though one and all were agreed that Daylight, while the cause, had been the innocent cause of her untimely end.
So the experiment of consulting the police came to an untimely end.
Well now, I dunno," said Matthew, who, being patient and wise and, above all, hungry, had deemed it best to let Marilla talk her wrath out unhindered, having learned by experience that she got through with whatever work was on hand much quicker if not delayed by untimely argument.
2) Dionysus, after his untimely birth from Semele, was sewn into the thigh of Zeus.
Here's old Peter Stimson, who has `left a large circle of friends to mourn his untimely loss.
An untimely joke is a source of bitter regret always.
These children may most truly be called the riches of their father; and many of them have with true filial piety fed their parent in his old age: so that not only the affection, but the interest, of the author may be highly injured by these slanderers, whose poisonous breath brings his book to an untimely end.
YENy DELHy (CyHAN)- The northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the most populous in the country, Tuesday declared a state of calamity because of huge damages to crops inflicted by untimely rains which hit the state over the past few months.
CHILLY weather and untimely rains have brought more trouble for Delhiites in the form of steep vegetable prices.
One of our characters [meets] a very untimely death," said Neal Baer, executive producer of the show, as quoted by (http://www.
Alison has recently published her second novel, An Untimely Frost, which charts the fortunes of a Midlands Bengali family and the British women who marry into it - and what happens to them when tragedy strikes.