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We should think what we can do for our country which had given us everything and we need to work untiringly for its progress and development'.
Hussain invoking blessings and good wishes on the former President, who had worked untiringly to preserve unity among all communities in the country.
Aseron, who continues to inspire Caringo women to untiringly protect their waters, clarified that she herself is not aware whether they had contributed to the economic growth of their neighborhood or the economy of Mercedes as a whole because they have no way of gauging their impact on their lives.
We have to work untiringly to bring peace to our homeland.
Shining India' though no longer is the favourite slogan, the politicians and particularly the ruling clique is untiringly feeding the people with the same ideas ' fast growth rate, creation of wealth, fourth largest economy in the world so on and so forth.
Morocco, which sees the United Nations Organisation as the symbol of universal values and international legitimacy, has worked untiringly to give the Organization active support, to promote its principles and to contribute to the achievement of its objectives.
The Council untiringly refers to the 1970 gentlemen's agreement under which Parliament and the Council do not meddle in each other's accounts.
aaa The Monarcha also affirmed that "should there be no action to redress the situation, the Kingdom of Morocco, which firmly believes in the need to support the peace process, and which has been acting untiringly to build confidence and promote dialogue between the Palestinians and the Israelis, would be deeply concerned by these practices which will certainly not encourage those seeking to uphold the cause of peace, dialogue and coexistence to pursue their commendable efforts.
Until recently a mezzo, she sang the role untiringly and unflinchingly, and though her vibrant, smoke-scented tones lacked the airy purity (and dead-on pitch) a perfect Salome would have, her singing was supple and nuanced, and she declaimed the florid text with relish and unwavering conviction.
Do not omit the missing-man flight formations, crop circles or the Oliver Stone-size fantasies of conspiracy theorists, the visionaries of our time who search untiringly for the codes of life and death and the secret reasons that things happen as they do.
He has untiringly described the oppression of Latvia by the forces of Soviet communism.
Punjab Healthcare Commission is untiringly working against this disease by providing training to doctors besides awareness to the common people', the speakers said at the seminar that was held here with Commissioner PHC Klara Pasha in the chair.