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ALS teacher and street photographer Jay Pante shares an untitled photo of basins of fish brought ashore from the boats.
Currently untitled, the project will feature a script by Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse, the married duo who wrote 'Parental Guidance' and the upcoming Robert De Niro family comedy 'The War With Grandpa'.
Ocampo's 1973 untitled work, a watercolor on paper, which fetched P210,240.
Occasionally, Epaminonda isolates these contextualizing tools as autonomous sculptures; Untitled #12 a/v, 2016, and Untitled #02 a/u, 2015, for example, are linear metal structures that resemble simple floor plans.
Untitled (ceiling) is a dome, entirely covered by more than 21,000 Little Tree[s][R], gold-colored, pine-tree-shaped, pungently-scented automobile air fresheners, the kind sold at almost every carwash.
The untitled Haiku are equal to free verse in effect:
sold an untitled memoir about racial identity, to Scott Moyers at Penguin Press, by Frank R.
Even with a program closer of 1975's Untitled, Durham audiences saw the least predictable Pilobolus concert in recent years a sign of changes in progress and.
Untitled, Self-Portrait, 1986: A rare Polaroid self-portrait, this photo is indicative of the depth of John's collection.