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She was enchanted to find that, instantly and with such ease, another of these fascinating beings was offering untold wealth for her extraction.
At length, however, a kind friend suggested to him a means of doubling his private property at one stroke; and further increasing it, hereafter, to an untold amount.
For months they wandered, suffering untold hardships and privations, for much of the way was through dense jungle, and across mighty mountains, but finally they came to this spot, and although they sent parties farther on to search for an even better location, none has ever been found.
For untold ages, oppressed by protean fear, I am aware of wandering, endlessly wandering, through a dank and soggy wilderness, where poisonous snakes struck at us, and animals roared around us, and the mud quaked under us and sucked at our heels.
The hands of some called for kingship and irresponsible and numerated power; other hands called for ambition, for wealth in untold sums, for disgrace and shame, or for women and wine.
Long ago one had borrowed the other's written language, and, untold generations before that, they had diverged from the common Mongol stock.
she asked herself) anything to do with the untold end of the story?
I have only to be that woman's husband, and to make myself master of untold millions of gold.
As one charged toward his truck, he would drive fearfully upon a sidewalk, threatening untold people with annihilation.
Your croaking will worry that child out of her wits, for she is an imaginative puss, and will fret and fancy untold horrors.
How terrible (I thought to myself) must this untold story be, if the mere act of referring to it makes light-hearted Major Fitz-David speak seriously and sadly, never smiling, never paying me a compliment, never even noticing the singing upstairs
And also, he thought, it was as well to leave something untold "so that other men that go thither may find enough for to say that I have not told," which was very kind of him.