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Patients in the control group had untorn discoid lateral menisci.
In addition to Hawaiian shirts, the ministry has approved wearing polo shirts and untorn jeans at work.
Joshi observed, Twain's denouncements of religion were "harsher than those of many atheists who would follow in his wake," and that, as a consequence of "Twain's tender mercies, religion has few garments left untorn" Whatever he believed, Twain's intensely personal writings betrayed a religious preoccupation that, at times, could penetrate as deeply as it could entertain.
Emerging from Twain's tender mercies, religion has few garments left untorn. (15) As an editor, Joshi must be judged on whether he is guilty of such "cherry picking" in his selection of texts--but his selection is quite representative, covering Twain's writing from the 1860s to his death in 1910.
Admission: Suggested donation of $3 and one clean, untorn blanket; homeless get in free
Days later, in a Pittsburgh hotel room, I watched Lyndon Baines Johnson's Democratic nomination speech: 'I truly believe that we someday will see an America that knows no North or South, no East or West--an America that is undivided by creed or color, and untorn by suspicion or strife.
With limbs untorn, with head unsmitten, with senses unimpaired by despair, we know what we ourselves might have been on the rack, on the scaffold, and in the most afflicting circumstances of distress ...
In Stigmata, which collects Cixous's newest essays, she explores the intersections between poetry, philosophy, and language and looks at reading as a site of knowledge: "I would like so much this unknown untorn page.
However, a pair of projections 0.6-mm long developed on the remaining untorn part (arrowheads in [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2A OMITTED]).
Tenders are invited for purchase of available waste paper in torn out condition and the newspaper (untorn) for a period of one year on lumpsum basis in the various offices of this Ministry located at West Block-8, R.K.