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The notion of untouchability is in effect reinforced under the First Schedule to the Constitution of India, which seeks to redress some of the disadvantages faced by the former untouchables by allocating a quota of positions in government offices and educational institutions reserved for them.
Gabbilum is an epic poem, a revolutionary masterpiece with high aesthetics, and a searing attack on untouchability.
The basic determinants of Scheduled Caste status were untouchability and impure occupation.
Perhaps this is a golden age of legends to match any of the past and their continued hegemony in the big races is evidence of such untouchability.
The next section deals with the continuing phenomenon of untouchability and the efforts of reformers to stamp it out.
We've designed an entire religion around its untouchability.
Importantly, the glass display case surrounding the South cannot make the region untouchable without also generating the aura of untouchability that guarantees its distinction from the masses.
Mayawati, who leads the Bahujan Samaj Party, has skillfully drawn support from dalits (former untouchables whose practice of untouchability is now forbidden by law), the upper Hindu castes, and Muslims.
For instance, Hogan asserts that the motif of inauspiciousness in Ardhangini is really a coded reference to caste untouchability.
Djankov is not only a liar, he smears people with a feeling of untouchability.
She wrote of him to Keralite author Paul Zachariah: "Without his travels in South Africa he would never have come to an understanding of the horror of Untouchability.
However for generations they have faced extreme discrimination and inequality, and continue to face extreme poverty, exclusion from land, health and education and daily untouchability and violence.