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Many of the lower castes, like Chamars and Chuhras, converted to Sikhism in the hope of social equality yet the spectre of untouchability still continue to disturb them.
The notion of untouchability is in effect reinforced under the First Schedule to the Constitution of India, which seeks to redress some of the disadvantages faced by the former untouchables by allocating a quota of positions in government offices and educational institutions reserved for them.
Terry epitomises the cult crass untouchability that pervades the modern game in the Premier League.
The official statistics for the decade 1990-2000, show that a total of 285,871 cases of various crimes were registered countrywide of which 14,030 were reported under Anti Untouchability Act of 1955 and 81,796 under the Prevention of Atrocities Act of 1989.
These acts are intended to create dissension and division on already resolved issues such as identity, sacredness of the national flag and untouchability of sacred symbols," it adds.
His actions symbolised a sneering sense of untouchability which stretches from Glasgow to the south coast, leaving supporters of Rangers and Portsmouth fretting over the very existence of their clubs.
Perhaps this is a golden age of legends to match any of the past and their continued hegemony in the big races is evidence of such untouchability.
The next section deals with the continuing phenomenon of untouchability and the efforts of reformers to stamp it out.
Djankov is not only a liar, he smears people with a feeling of untouchability.
Third, he campaigned to abolish untouchability and to promote Hindu-Muslim harmony, seeking to answer the charge that the Congress was a party of banias and Brahmins.