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For much of the next hour, Head-On plays for laughs, as Cahit carries out his woefully inadequate imposture, grumbles about the transformation of his apartment ("It's like a chick bomb went off in here," he mutters, after the crumpled beer cans disappear from the sink) and of course falls in love with his wife, who remains untouchably within arm's reach and is oblivious to his feelings, hidden as they are beneath a thick layer of scabs.
thought of as untouchably transcendent, though they are said to hide
Clearly, The Wind Done Gone also desecrates what some hold as the untouchably sacred: the fit order of the races, of the genders, of what the past is and what it means, the sacrosanct and holy right to make a commercial profit.
She's just 5ft 2in and strikingly pretty, rather than untouchably beautiful.
"The ball fizzed low over the net, skidded on the polished floor and died untouchably in one corner.
The engineers who planned the line were prepared for the blazing sun that made the metal rails untouchably hot.