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With the fiddles working themselves to the bone and the piano bounding under its persecutor's blows, Lady Wetherby ducked, side-stepped, rushed, and sprang, moving her arms in a manner that may have been classical Greek, but to the untrained eye looked much more like the last round of some open-air bout.
Happily, for the hidden party, the grass in which they were concealed, not only served to skreen them from the eyes of the savages, but opposed an obstacle to prevent their horses, which were no less rude and untrained than their riders, from trampling on them, in their irregular and wild paces.
An untrained sight would never have seen by the moonlight what she saw at the length of a few strokes astern.
Experiments with rats, showing how chemicals from one rat brain influence the memory of an untrained animal, indicate that tinkering with the brain of humans is also possible.
December 24, Jet Airways diverted Delhi- bound flight S2 4315 that was supposed to land in Delhi as the pilots were untrained to operate the same under poor weather conditions.
Merseyside's schools employ 174 teachers without official qualified status or working towards any qualifications, with 101 untrained staff teaching kids in Liverpool alone.
With a nexus of well-connected touts facilitating easy availability of licences to all and sundry, without fulfilling even the basic requirements, untrained drivers are getting licences easily in almost all Indian cities, an investigation has revealed.
The HE53 has been designed for simplicity to make it easy for even untrained operators to use.
To the untrained eye, Marks & Spencer''s Limited Edition dress is a floral print, but look closely and you''ll see pop art faces, PS39.
SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) reported its cybersecurity survey among federal IT professionals revealed that while the majority of respondents describe their agencies as cybersecurity-ready, many still face attacks and threats by both malicious intruders and careless and untrained insiders, and they are tasked with mastering IT security despite organizational and budget challenges.
Shopmobility development manager Gail Chester has submitted a review to Middlesbrough Council, which highlights the problems posed by untrained users.
ISLAMABAD -- The security of the federal capital is under severe threats due to transfer of 150 untrained men to the Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) by AIG Establishment.