untrained individual

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In the untrained individual, starting with low intensity cardio intervals (such as alternating brisk flat road walking with brisk walking at an incline) provides a safe and effective interval workout, whereas someone who has already been training at a low or moderate intensity for at least a month can swap about half of those low intensity sessions for high intensity ones (such as alternating sprints with walking).
Not only is it unethical for an untrained individual to do so, the risk associated with improper vaccine administration is often neglected by many because the technique 'looks easy',' she emphasized.
There are dangers, however, in undergoing the process with an untrained individual, so one must be careful to study the background of the person doing the regression.
The fact that, compared to a trained person, there is a greater variation in these in untrained individual during exercise and these values take longer time to return to basal levels forms the basis of Exercise Tolerance Test.
"An untrained officer or untrained individual may just squeeze the trigger and spray bullets until they're out of ammunition."
In a small law firm, security is the responsibility of a sometimes untrained individual, explains attorney Bruce Dorner.
How can an untrained individual, or organization that doesn't provide training, claim competency in any technology-based business that depends on attention by knowledgeable personnel to the details of the design, materials and processes with which they are dealing everyday?
They're able to extract more oxygen from their blood than an untrained individual would," he added.
It can also be seen from this figure that since the untrained individual (Green) displays much greater negative accelerations (anterior decelerations), this individual is wasting energy slowing down with each stride cycle, which would then require a subsequent acceleration to maintain the same speed as the more highly trained runners.
In Rwanda half of all abortions are done by untrained individuals.
While naloxone is available in generic form, two branded products exist for take-home use by untrained individuals in the case of an overdose.
"Ear-cropping is illegal in the UK and as such these procedures will be carried out by untrained individuals with makeshift equipment causing unnecessary suffering and potential long-term health conditions.