untrained person

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What mental health experts can offer is affirmation that these signs are real, that they may be worse than the untrained person suspects, and that there are more productive ways of handling them than deflection or denial.
They were achieving no more or less alpha (plus beta) than any untrained person who sits extremely still with eyes closed.
There are too many possible opportunities for roof damage due to improper installation by an untrained person.
Along with three of my friends who had similar engineering interests, our project was to build a device which can be used to guide an untrained person to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) correctly.
People get accidentally bitten only when they step on the snake or an untrained person attempts to catch or handle these snakes.
Growth hormone concentration hormone in a trained person is lower compared with an untrained person.
We are happy to work with conscious developers such as Aldar who appreciate that placing an untrained person on a pool just isn't good enough and who demand high quality and regularly trained staff.
So even an untrained person was capable of doing something effective and in the case of the man whom you resuscitated, probably saving his life?
112) Thus, when trained and untrained persons have to work at the same rate, the untrained person will experience significantly more stress than someone who is physically fit and aerobically trained.
The spokesman clarified that no untrained person has been included in the anti-measles campaign.
An untrained person probably wouldn't know that the two things are one and the same," Just said.