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A leader must have a vision and be ready to tread untraveled paths.
The terrible irony is driven home by the next sentence: "How softly the turf had carpeted the untraveled avenue--he could no longer feel the roadway beneath his feet" (48).
To move beyond fast evil and slow good, we need to short-circuit the compulsive repetition of the drive by forging connections with faraway points and opening up pathways previously untraveled. Erratic changes in direction, sudden accelerations and de-accelerations may jolt us out of our comfortable movements.
Our Achiever of the Year, Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings, 54, has himself evolved, proving fit enough to survive both repeated criticism and wildly fluctuating stock prices as he constantly moves forward into untraveled territory.
While the fathers worked in the city during the week, my mother and aunt would take the five of us kids on explorations, driving down previously untraveled dirt roads just to see where they led.
"It was untraveled and avoided by most respectable citizens.
Recalling Robert Frost's famous lines about roads diverging in a forest, the art of April Gornik always takes the next one, the one untraveled.
Produced by Dubbel Dutch, an up-and-coming beatmaker from New York, the track exists in an untraveled gray area between dance-hall and sing-song emo rap, speaking to the evolving tastes of a Jamaica that has become increasingly open to foreign interpretations of its domestic sounds (case in point: the growing local popularity of Major Lazer's EDM-dancehall hybrid).
Case in standard Arabic: The untraveled paths (Doctoral dissertation University of Toronto Canada).
He was able, for instance, to get the bike-lane requirement waived for a local street by showing that its location in a fairly untraveled part of the city would not justify the addition.
but there is a space between [that understanding and where we currently are] where we have to integrate new things and let go of old things." He and his colleagues use the image of light coming through a doorway or portal, which gives a sense of both where we are now and the "space that is glimpsed but yet untraveled" (Land, 2011a) beyond the portal to describe the metaphorical threshold nature of these concepts.
Jordan said he understands how the current construction can be a nuisance--Garland Avenue is a fine example of a road best untraveled during busy times of the day--but said people will just have to be patient.