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Casts had been taken of the footsteps; and no other means of discovery had been left untried. The authorities in London had also been communicated with by telegraph.
"I agree with Lady Lydiard--I believe you are innocent, too; and I will leave no effort untried to find the proof of it." He turned aside again, and had another look at the Japanese vase.
For her sake, for my sake, leave no means untried to attain this righteous, this merciful end.
Resolute to leave no means untried of serving Anne's interests, Sir Patrick had allowed Arnold and Blanche to go to his own residence in London, alone, and had not even waited to say a farewell word to any of the persons who had taken part in the inquiry.
Now, the original thinker who finds himself compelled to use the current speech of his country in order to impart new and hitherto untried views to his fellows, imposes a task upon the natural means of communication which it is totally unfitted to perform,--hence the obscurities and prolixities which are so frequently met with in the writings of original thinkers.
The novice in the military art flew from point to point, retarding his own preparations by the excess of his violent and somewhat distempered zeal; while the more practiced veteran made his arrangements with a deliberation that scorned every appearance of haste; though his sober lineaments and anxious eye sufficiently betrayed that he had no very strong professional relish for the, as yet, untried and dreaded warfare of the wilderness.
By its perfect shape, its vigour, and its natural dexterity in the use of all its untried limbs, the infant was worthy to have been brought forth in Eden: worthy to have been left there to be the plaything of the angels after the world's first parents were driven out.
Also a great many of untried cases, after FATA merger, were transferred to regular courts or special anti-terrorism courts.
Arthur Haddock in the Yorkshire Post said: "Valentine, as one of the few experienced players, whipped up the enthusiasm of his colleagues; he made the young and untried players proud to be wearing the Great Britain Jersey."
PESHAWAR -- Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Shah Farman Thursday said that due to untried efforts and sacrifices of the security forces, peace has been now restored in the province.
The Bologna right-back, who's in for banned Celtic star Mikael Lustig, warned they'll make their untried rivals pay for underestimating them in the quarter-final.
Under fire Ibrox boss Graeme Murty will turn to Jak Alnwick, who made his first Premiership start of the campaign during a 2-1 weekend victory over the Tynecastle side which leaves only untried Irish keeper Liam Kelly as back-up from the bench.