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The cinema ban lift opens doors to untrodden grounds for investments and lucrative revenue streams for the Kingdom and the entertainment sector stakeholders.
The handcart experiment was the brainchild of Mormon leader Brigham Young, who decreed that the saints could haul their own possessions, pushing or pulling two-wheeled carts across 1,100 miles of rough terrain, much of it roadless and some of it untrodden.
Nobuteru Mori, the founder of SDK, had a motto of "Dauntlessness and Indomitableness." The essence of this motto is his ambition to continue boldly facing adversities, explore untrodden fields, and contribute to the development of the Company and society.
They'll stay in basic hostels, sleep in shared dorms, and follow a largely untrodden route, which is currently in the throes of revival.
We are seeking to go along untrodden paths.' Describing the couple's visits to innumerable museum and private collections across Europe and in the United States, she continued: 'Nowhere, though, has any attempt been made to provide a unified picture of East Asian art as a whole, or to present it in its phases of development.
Until recently, I worked in the same building for 17 years, and even after nearly two decades of using the same Tube station morning and evening, if I had to come out of a different exit I would feel lightheaded, giddy and a bit sweaty under the armpits at the unknown and mysterious untrodden path ahead, then walk in the opposite direction to the building for 10 minutes.
The stunning untrodden snow scene comes as the mission prepares to celebrate 15 years since it entered the Red Planet's orbit on Christmas Day.
Like humans in outer space--all that untrodden, gravity-free expanse up there!--except in hiking clothes.
To leap ashore on virgin sand, Some new untrodden soil While the crew, that happy band, Ship oars and rest from toil.
What could be more promising in the current scenario would be to open previously untrodden ways of activating and increasing the wealth of many Lebanese while also contributing to the creation of better infrastructures in the country.
But when almost every corner of the planet now shows signs of human activity, how do conservation scientists justify visiting and publicizing these last bastions of untrodden nature?