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The up-and-down, on-again, off-again sale to Iran of the S-300 air defense missile system is an indicator of a tense and untrusting relationship.
Today's insurance buyers are too educated and untrusting to fall for inauthenticity.
S, India and Russia which are obviously at odds with a growing China and are untrusting towards Pakistan at the same time.
Initially they were very untrusting of us, not helped by a course of tablets and eye drops they had to have.
Despite their support for intervention in private conversations, they show reluctance in public forums for fear of appearing unpatriotic or untrusting in Libyans' capacity to solve their own problems.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has hit back against the criticism levied against the company in a recent New York Times article , which describes a draconian and untrusting workplace in which employees are encouraged to work extremely long hours and report on each other.
Conservatives have a better chance of carrying the day with popular, visceral, untrusting, opinion, the Congress and the military-industrial-academic complex than the liberals.
Ask yourself, if generations of your relatives and friends had suffered similar abusive treatment with this police and judicial complicity, would you not also be untrusting and resentful?
What lies behind the seeming inability of Iran and the West to sit down at the table together on the ISIL issue -- which is a very clear shared interest, after all -- is the static, untrusting attitude towards Tehran's nuclear quest.
After repeatedly insisting that the National Security Agency wasn't spying on everyone, the government has been forced--by another untrusting millennial, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden--to concede that the NSA actually has been spying on everyone.
Aversives make clients fearful and untrusting of educators and service providers.
A significant proportion of the population remained untrusting of online transactions, due to the risk of identity theft and phishing.