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One is a self-serving untrustworthy congenital liar, idler, poisonous and incompetent and the other is also a self-serving untrustworthy congenital liar, idler, nasty and incompetent
"Untrustworthy sources are seen as unpredictable," notes Wallace.
It is a rogues' gallery of the dishonest, the untrustworthy, the incompetent, and the intolerant, inflicted on us by less than 0.5% of the population.
Some 39 per cent think he is a buffoon and 31 per cent said he is untrustworthy.
They selected the trustworthy, submissive and competent looking faces as 'nice' and the untrustworthy, incompetent, and dominant looking faces as 'mean, according to Charlesworth.
"Today is the 3rd anniversary of the implementation of Iran nuclear deal which displayed how untrustworthy and unreliable the US is," Araqchi wrote on his twitter page on Wednesday.
shouldn't have to feel like an act of deprivation" "I wasn't unaware that there were people in the industry who abused their power, or who were seedy or untrustworthy. But because of my mother I was never a victim and I'm very, very thankful.
They are, to use Kuzma's phrase, judged to be untrustworthy, whether this judgment is warranted or not.
was an "untrustworthy nation and the enemy of peaceful destruction."
Mogire Mogaka claims Mwilu is corrupt and untrustworthy and has contributed to the collapse of Imperial Bank of Kenya.
De Lima, a former election lawyer, maintained that Tolentino's reliance on the perjured testimonies of untrustworthy convicted criminals to support his case "only shows how hollow it already is."
'They (borrowers) should not be criticised as untrustworthy, a shame to their race and badgered into ignoring PH's manifesto pledge,' he wrote on Facebook