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The third untruth then that we must all resist: Martial law is the answer to Mindanao's problems.
The battle of Badr was the first great encounter between the forces of good and evil and the way it ended made the distinction between truth and untruth crystal clear.
often hacking his way through jungles of untruths, trees, saplings, bushes, shrubs, and many, many weeds, large and small ones.
by heavy untruths in the hands of arrogant men," she said.
Examples or hypothetical scenarios of communication based on untruth, but used with good intention are surprisingly hard to conjure up.
YET again, I opened my copy of The Journal to read an untruth on your Letters page: "England voted by 60% for Brexit.
IT is a persistent untruth that the European Union is the reason we cannot support our steel industry, despite the fact that there are numerous examples of other countries doing this exact thing.
Advocate Jonathan Mitchell said Carmichael told the untruth to try to influence the outcome of the May general election.
Lord Kinnock said: "We're up against a government of untruth.
Tells you all you need to know really, that it's nothing more than an inconvenient untruth based on no real evidence at all.
Dussehra symbolizes the victory of Truth over Untruth and Good over Evil.
Now this truth and untruth has passed around by word of mouth.