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The findings also are supported by a prior between-subjects study in thoracotomy patients in which active and placebo treatments were labeled truthfully, equivocally, or untruthfully, suggesting that medication and information may be equally critical for pain relief, they said.
Obviously children must be protected from that but all too frequently those allegations are untruthfully made as a weapon in the marital breakdown war.
At that party, she introduced herself as Ruby and told other guests, again untruthfully, that she was Egyptian, that her mother was a famous Arab singer and that she was related to then-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.
After all, it is nearly costless for an individual to answer untruthfully in response to a well-being survey.
A] defendant may be prosecuted for untruthfully promoting the off-label use of an FDA-approved drug.
I]t is with deep regret that this Court is compelled to find that the Government team allowed a key FBI agent to testify untruthfully before the grand jury, inserted material falsehoods into affidavits submitted to magistrate judges in support of applications for search warrants and seizure warrants, improperly reviewed e-mail communications between one Defendant and her lawyer, recklessly failed to comply with its discovery obligations, posed questions to certain witnesses in violation of the Court's rulings, engaged in questionable behavior during closing argument and even made misrepresentations to the Court.
Limiting the number of judgments from an individual also caters to the dark possibility that a respondent may attempt to game the study, that is, to intentionally answer untruthfully in order to promote a particular agenda.
What can one say about the fact that so much bequeathed to us by previous generations is not taught in our schools, although New Zealanders are continually, so very untruthfully being told that they have no cultural heritage .
In two separate cases, Head engaged in deceptive behavior by filing a false affidavit with the court; testifying untruthfully during a disciplinary hearing; and creating a fraudulent letter that gave the appearance that he'd already filed a civil case.
Accordingly, those who present themselves untruthfully have to be satisfied with writing to others, and thus cannot offend anybody, because nobody will find out the truth except if they disclose the truth about themselves.
An allegation that a police candidate falsified an employment application and untruthfully claimed residential preference would be investigated," the chief continued in the statement.
He could be between 18 and 22, but I found just 17 impossible to accept and untruthfully alleged," he said.