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135) Returning to our dishonest straw-person, the situationist would argue that one who is dishonest may only act untruthfully in certain situations, but he or she may behave quite honestly if other circumstances present.
Only a few years ago, when Wadah Khanfar (now Director General of Al Jazeera) was Al Jazeera's man in Baghdad, the US military began a slanderous campaign against Wadah's bureau, claiming - untruthfully - that Al Jazeera was in league with al-Qaeda because they were receiving videotapes of attacks on US forces.
belief that police not infrequently testify untruthfully at suppression
Adams apologised, claiming, "I have worked very hard in your interests" and reminded them, probably untruthfully, that "I resigned my journalistic employment to accept your agency last November and I recently refused two different contracts to resume newspaper work when the racing season opened up on March 20".
While not apparent on the face of any rule regarding impeachment, it is generally impermissible for counsel to attack a witness's testimony by goading a subsequent witness to testify that a prior witness testified untruthfully.
In other words, the untruthfully reported cost functions relate to each other, with both subunits calculating identical unit numbers produced and sold.
She wrote: "There was no leeway [there] on the veracity of his statements because they asked him detailed and specific questions to which he answered untruthfully.
Leuthold states, untruthfully, that the state government has not "tightened its belt.
In the reasons for judgment, McMurtry J accepted as fact that Silver Sage untruthfully disguised Fox's termination, was not straightforward with Fox at the time of his termination, terminated Fox based on an intense personal dislike for him, wrote a three-page letter to Fox's wife's employer and a politician suggesting how they should deal with her, orchestrated a phoney budgeting process in order to disguise the true reasons for Fox's termination, and did not act candidly, reasonably, and in good faith.
Former patients under plea-bargain agreements testified against me, untruthfully.
He says the company untruthfully marketed a product called Pureology as formulated with vegan inputs, and that it used a banned substance called Triclosan despite saying it wouldn't.
Claiming untruthfully that you have achieved a certain standard defrauds the awarding body, others who have reached that level and everyone who might legitimately believed you to have done so.