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That rule provides that the court may permit any witness to be examined regarding the witness's own prior conduct that did not result in a conviction but that the court finds probative of a character trait of untruthfulness. Upon objection, however, the court may permit the inquiry only if the questioner, outside the hearing of the jury, establishes a reasonable factual basis for asserting that the conduct of the witness occurred.
"His character for untruthfulness was well-established at trial," the judge said, citing damning testimony from two attorneys who had dealt with Chernak.
It was troubling that the only example of the candidate's alleged untruthfulness that the BPD could cite had come in response to a question that was highly subjective and provide[d] no guidance as to what may be considered basic knowledge' of a foreign language, Bowman wrote.
The prosecutor said the district attorney's office would be required to let defense lawyers know of the untruthfulness finding - which Border asserted had prevented him from finding work after he was originally fired.
Characteristics such as irresponsibility, untruthfulness, and ingratitude are common shadow projections for those in midlife.
Despite all the continuous efforts towards achieving the ideal professional academic atmosphere, there are still some concerns over academic untruthfulness such as cheating,6 plagiarism7 and unprofessional behaviour8 seems to be common in many medical schools.9
(16) The gratuitous conclusion is that allowing a police officer to refresh his or her recollection of the incident in advance of giving a sworn statement about it, a fortiori, will result, at best, in an "unintentional untruthfulness." (17)
Retired consultant paediatrician Dr Tony O'Sullivan, of the campaign Keep Our NHS Public, added: "We have countered the untruthfulness of government statements for years and it has never been more important for people to know the truth."
This also exposed the untruthfulness of the Anastasiades government's claims that Eide wanted to introduce arbitration to the process.
That is, the taxonomical approach risks installing as a critical default the assumption that the reader ought to be able to 'resolve' the narrator's unreliability--usually by establishing for themselves 'what really happened', despite the unreliable account, and thereafter confidently ascribing a particular kind of unreliability, such as madness or untruthfulness, to the narrator.
This PSR-based consideration may provide a way for Leibniz to turn the charge of untruthfulness back against Moore.