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If a witness testifies concerning the character for truthfulness or untruthfulness of a previous witness, the specific instances of conduct probative of the truthfulness or untruthfulness of the previous witness, may be inquired into on cross-examination.
In this time of untruthfulness, let me say: I do not desire money, nor a life of ease.
A demagogue is usually characterized by such things as scapegoating, utopian idealism, evasiveness, egocentrism, propaganda development, untruthfulness (with lying and half-truths), prejudice, corruption, emotional rhetoric, persecution complexes, Messianic complexes, dogmatism, and aggressiveness.
Mr Coffey said the account was littered with inconsistencies, contradictions and discrepancies and Callaghan had a motive for untruthfulness - the accounts distanced himself from the killing and implicated his co-defendants.
Untruthfulness, deceit and lying are not restricted to these twin spheres as recent cover-ups in relation to institutional child abuse in the church, in schools, and other related institutions reveal.
At her trial, the Colony superintendent testified that Emma Buck had "a record of immorality, prostitution, untruthfulness, and syphilis" Further, "these people belong to the shiftless, ignorant, and worthless class of anti-social whites of the South.
What I mean is that when we tell lies we do it because we are afraid of what other people would think of us, or do to us, if they knew the truth; but although we know that God reads our hearts and hates all untruthfulness, we do not mind.
granting his violence and lying, his personal untruthfulness, he is today the best patriot we have.
Liao, 2002; Lin, 1991) Classifications Deviant behavior Outward behaviors truancy, running away from home, (extroversion/ noncooperation, resistance, externalizing disobedience, untruthfulness, ruin, behaviors) ravage, menace, bullying.
We thus find evidence of contagion in the sense that a strong propensity for untruthfulness is contagious.
Classic definitions of psychopathy include features such as superficial charm, anti-social behavior, unreliability, lack of remorse or shame, above-average intelligence, absence of nervousness, and untruthfulness and insincerity.