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98) And thus the research supports the conclusion that in evaluating the testimony of non-experts, juries may be inclined not only towards error, but towards the error of failing to identify untruthfulness more than failing to identify truthfulness.
We thus find evidence of contagion in the sense that a strong propensity for untruthfulness is contagious.
Classic definitions of psychopathy include features such as superficial charm, anti-social behavior, unreliability, lack of remorse or shame, above-average intelligence, absence of nervousness, and untruthfulness and insincerity.
Apple cannot fault Samsung for not discovering juror untruthfulness while refusing to disclose whether and when Apple itself discovered this untruthfulness," Samsung said in an October 30 filing.
Rojas' claim as an absurd statement from a discredited former officer, one with a voluminous internal affairs file and whom previous chiefs disciplined for untruthfulness.
17) While the TC may attack the credibility of SPC Snuffy using a specific instance of conduct during cross-examination, under MRE 608(b), those specific instances of conduct must be "probative of truthfulness or untruthfulness.
Sen uses the concept of lokayats ("This Wordly"), one of the six major philosophical schools of Hindu logic (including Nyaya Logic) to submit that the rigid system in the orthodox Vedas has three faults of untruthfulness, internal contradiction, and useless repetition, and yet demonstrates the strength of pure argumentation in reasoning.
And the CCA is not the only state court to err by considering an offender's capacity for untruthfulness and criminal behavior in evaluating his Atkins claim.
The expert's opinion, the ALJ explains, is no better than the facts on which it is based and, by quoting from another case, the ALJ makes the point that "where the facts underlying the expert's opinion are proved to be false or nonexistent, not only is the expert's opinion destroyed, but the falsity permeates his entire testimony; it tends to prove his untruthfulness as a witness.
Some instances of untruthfulness on the part of physicians aren't "lying," per se, but instead are attempts to answer patients' difficult questions.
She retains the capacity to question the attitudes of those who are too much at home with themselves or their world; and we must assume that it is she who makes Ames able, after a painful conversation with Jack, to acknowledge that the town of Gilead's surface decencies conceal a systemic untruthfulness, a refusal to ask what is to be learned from crisis or challenge: "we didn't ask the question, so the question was just taken away from us" (Gilead 233-34).