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Morocco's firm response to the US report was commensurate with its content in light of the magnitude of untruths it contains", El Khalfi underlined.
Jardeleza still did not address such allegations in his speech on account of government's confidentiality and secrecy rules in sensitive cases, but he called the accusations vicious untruths.
Man, Lukacs has written (here and elsewhere) can tolerate injustice more than he can tolerate untruth.
He said: "We have noted carefully the deception on the part of Pupil A who has admitted telling a number of untruths.
Some people pretending to be the official No campaign or even rogue Labour members could write their own local news letters and say all the untruths they like.
How I wish some of the other published articles in the Record were as uplifting and true as this one, not slanderous and full of untruths .
The press" has been guilty of perpetuating myths and untruths about the F22, Air Force Maj.
Readers like to discuss the story in semi-real time, but if the comments are anonymous it can open up a world of vitriol and untruths.
by heavy untruths in the hands of arrogant men," she said.
But sometimes, these untruths are not intended to scare.
nominee, John Bolton, past the Senate because of his probable untruths and undermining many CIA and State Department officials, President Bush underhandedly bypassed advise and consent during the Senate recess.
A lot of untruths get published over the web and you have to defend things that you didn't do or didn't need to defend in the first place.