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That is different," replied Monte Cristo; "but if you intend to tell an untruth, reflect it were better not to speak at all.
von Horn how could you tell me such a cruel and terrible untruth.
But where it departs from the Calvinistic Christianity and exhibits him as the defier of Jove, it represents a state of mind which readily appears wherever the doctrine of Theism is taught in a crude, objective form, and which seems the self-defence of man against this untruth, namely a discontent with the believed fact that a God exists, and a feeling that the obligation of reverence is onerous.
I think you must have had enough of them at Chiswick," said Amelia, rather wondering at the sudden tenderness on her friend's part; and indeed in later days Miss Sharp would never have committed herself so far as to advance opinions, the untruth of which would have been so easily detected.
No, she could not tell an untruth with those eyes," thought the mother, smiling at her agitation and happiness.
You and I get along together with it fine," she equivoeated; for in such matters she did not deem the untruth a wrong.
Sir, there is,' returned the old man with quiet emphasis, 'too much untruth among all denominations of men.
Mitchell said the MP had told a "Homeric catalogue of untruths in his statement of evidence.
We're impressed at how well guest Judy Murray does tonight when she's asked to tell untruths.
lots of untruths As are we, albeit somewhat obliquely.
ORDINARY LIES BBC1 9pm More untruths are unravelling among the troubled staff of JS Motors.
It should not be eliminated by unwise legislation based on untruths with dramatic negative consequences for travelers.