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The early exponents may have been untutored and musically crude, but from such inauspicious beginnings developed an art that is still practiced today.
This might not have immediately been discernible to the untutored eye, given that his substitutions have shown aberrant behaviour in the past, but seasoned Kopites will have spotted that the replacements effected in the second-half defied any rational explanation.
Kaplan's apparent assumption that Europe was deeply divided in outlook between the literate few and the untutored many is unwarranted and not sustained.
Emerging 35 years later, the untutored lad is astonished to discover the world is very much alive and kicking - but is he in any position to experience it?
One comes across many such instances in my home country where the boldly painted sign is the handiwork of an artist untutored in the English language.
In chapter four, he explains that untutored manliness is not a Virtue, that it can be as bad as it is good.
Mr Pearce writes in a vivid style, but one which makes few concessions to the untutored (or even cognisant) reader, delighting in witty epigrams, extensive allusions and contemporary (i.
Mussorgsky is the untutored genius of Russian music, a kind of idiot savant of opera and the piano whose melodies have attracted myriad elaborations by other composers.
The play follows the men's development from untutored sketchers to fully-fledged members of the arts scene.
But this is more or less what Alexander Pope jested about in An Essay on Man (1733): "Lo, the poor Indian, whose untutored mind,/ Sees God in clouds, or hears him in the wind.