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The yarn might untwist a bit when you let it hang loose, and that's OK.
* As you untwist, keep your abs braced in tight as you inhale and lower your foot lightly to the floor.
The untwisted area of the cable (directly behind the contact crimp zone) is another potential cause of impedance discontinuities.
Flanders describes the procedure as follows: "The dog will be anesthetized, and the surgeon will open the abdomen, decompress the stomach, and then untwist it by hand back to its normal position.
* The yarn is untwisted by the continuously rotating Twist Head.
Some final thoughts: 1) Any time you twist or untwist a cable to change its length, you need to shoot the bow several times to allow the strings to settle in before you can fully trust the results of the change.
Its admirable goals of disclosure, redress, and healing are sought not just in the novels studied--the novel is the favourite form--but through the perspicacity of critics who untwist the stories' twisted, gothic shapes and put them to therapeutic use, "doing a certain kind of cultural cathartic work, enabling Canadians to speak the crime that has no name" (Cynthia Sugars).
After drying, simply untwist each section, finger through and spray again.
If they come strung, just untwist the string until they are all facing the same direction.
Or twisting: just use your feet to twist yourself slowly around until the moment when you lift your feet and untwist with dizzying speed.
But I have seen well-greased o-rings slowly untwist in their glands after installation.
Untwist the knots, leaving your hair in tight ringlets.