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In the poorest countries, 'only 13 percent flowed back to local companies.' On top of this, OECD DAC chair Charlotte Petri Gornitza admits that backtracking on untying aid has taken place from the 2013 high of 89.5 percent.
In Untying the Moon, Ellen Malphrus takes her protagonist Bailey Martin on a long journey of self-discovery.
The untying of aid implies that the development aid is available to buy products or services from any country and not limited by the priorities of a donor country.
So let us confess: "I confess to God Almighty, before the whole company of heaven, and to you, my brothers and sisters, that I would rather be on my knees before God's people, basin and towel in hand, than sit by in front of them, untying my shoes and taking off my socks.
The yoke bar closure is said to ensure the bag neck is fully closed during the tying and untying of the bag spout.
However, due to changing trends and the opening or "untying" of aid procurement, this unique market offers huge potential for developing country enterprises to become new suppliers to aid agencies.
Untying The Knot By 'Pulling Several Strings Together'
DIANA'S last godchild, five-year-old Domenica Lawson, was today untying a ribbon to officially open the Princess of Wales Memorial Playground.
In "Untying Parent Anxiety (Years 5-8): 18 Myths that Have You in Knots--And How to Get Free" by nationally syndicated humor columnist and author Lisa Sugarman reminds us that our kids aren't supposed to be perfect--and neither are we as their parents.
The Sanitary Bulk Bag Unloading System from Flexicon eliminates dust during untying, discharging, retying, collapse and removal of bags while allowing thorough wash down.
Alan Easton, 21, and Ross Forsyth, 24, were charged at Falkirk Sheriff Court with untying two boats moored at Bo'ness Harbour, West Lothian.
Its new BFC model reportedly eliminates dust during untying, discharge, retying, collapse, and removal of the bag.