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Further excavation to the rear will be needed; hopefully when weather conditions are untypical of Wales," he said.
It was not untypical for companies to have inventory turns of 5 or fewer per year, with inventory tying up financial assets equal to 30-40% of annual sales.
Because untypical CAD application, this approach was entitled the "untypical" and "manual" in the paper.
Quite untypical of most Portuguese contemporary architecture, the project inventively embraces standardization and industrial design, mobility and minimal detailing.
Fillmore graduates are untypical in that they stay in touch,'' Hardison said.
A typical biography, albeit of a very untypical Canadian, it also documents the history of a nation on the path to self-destruction and Borowski's monumental efforts to stop it.
Don't believe commentators, John Humphrys, John Reid, Tony Blair or anyone else - believe your own experience, because it is not untypical.
However, Dutch traders described market conditions as untypical for February and said, following a slight price last week, they were expecting a significant rise again this week.
It's not untypical for a Croatian person to talk about the murder or rape of a relative from 300 years ago as if it were yesterday.
Socrates' discussion of akrasia aims at exposing the interlocutor's inconsistency and to this extent is typical of Socratic inquiry; but it is also untypical insofar as Socrates' chief concern here is with the inconsistency between an interlocutor's statements and his actions rather than with inconsistency among an interlocutor's various statements.
Her home life is not untypical of the many families who did tobacco farming back in the 1940s--marked by poverty, racial unrest, and a kind of hopeless futility mixed with strong religion.
With banks of windows lining the full perimeter of the facility and offering southern and western exposures, the space gets bathed in natural lighting that is untypical for most New York City interiors.