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- Foremay's SSD drives after Type-III secure erase are unusable
BEIRUT: Some 70 percent of mobile phones in the Lebanese market are smuggled into the country, officials said Tuesday, announcing that illegally imported devices would become unusable beginning June.
Senecal said one of those areas is unusable for spring soccer.
The old mobile phone can be taken to any Zain Experience Shop or Polytechnic Bahrain where it can be discarded in a separate drop box which is placed for discarded unusable mobile phones.
"It's unusable, so someone is coming on Friday to have a look at it and see if it can be repaired."
Truckloads of unusable electronic goods being brought in an unending stream by individuals as well as corporate houses for dumping at the 'Big Drop' event organised by Qtel at the Landmark to help citizens and companies dispose of discarded electronic items.
I remember many years ago, when my parents and I were watching television, if a motor vehicle came into or passed our cul de sac, the TV picture would break up until either the vehicle engine was switched off or it went out of range, so it can't be that difficult to make a phone unusable in a motor vehicle whilst it has its ignition switched on.
Cocoa is suffering from supply issues caused by ageing crops in the West African growing region and by black pod disease, which renders much of the crop unusable.
The product not only simplifies baking, it's also always fresh, unlike traditional bagged brown sugar, which often becomes hard and unusable, according to the Sugar Land, Texas-based brands.
That's an unusable airway, but the fact that it's still charted makes one wonder if it's going to get usable again someday.
The bill amends [section]429.907, to provide an exception to the separate license requirement for separate premises of adult day care centers in the case of disaster or emergency that renders the current facility unusable. If approved by the governor, these provisions take effect July 1, 2007.
The criteria for determining the percentage of "unusable materials" for grades defined in the European paper industry's EN 643 document will be subject to individual mills' specifications.