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It is well,'' said Prince John, haughtily; ``although unused to such refusals, we will endeavour to digest our banquet as we may, though ungraced by the most successful in arms, and his elected Queen of Beauty.
That merry wag Will Stutely was in command; and when he saw the palefaced Sheriff being led in like any culprit, he took his cloak and laid it humbly upon the ground and besought the Sheriff to alight upon it, as the ground of Sherwood was unused to such dignitaries.
I had witnessed its effect in the momentary pallor of her cheek-cheek unused to vary; yet how quickly, by dint of self-control, had she recovered her composure
But she was so wholly unused to confer favours, except on the very poor, so unpractised in removing evils, or bestowing kindnesses among her equals, and so fearful of appearing to elevate herself as a great lady at home, that it took some time to determine that it would not be unbecoming in her to make such a present.
The new regulations also stipulate that unused annul paid leave can be deferred to the following year.
The direct spending potential of these unused days by Marylanders is estimated at $1.
The manufacturer of the Dengvaxia vaccine has agreed to take back its remaining unused vials and to pay back the government for the unused stocks of the anti-dengue vaccine.
Contract award notice: "supply by purchase of unused cargo vehicles 4x4 (pickup) - 2 and purchase of unused passenger minibuses - 2 leases for the needs of the ldv voden - iri hissar tp at the ssd ds".
Telecom regulator Trai will "quickly" evolve a mechanism for telcos that are closing down services or operations to return the unused balance of pre-paid customers.
As per the report, the average Indian household has 12 clothing items, 14 kitchen utensils, 11 books, seven kitchen appliances, two mobile phones and three watches that lie unused.
If you have a $1,000 limit and you have spent $250, then $250 will show up on a bank's balance sheet as a loan and $750 will show up off the balance sheet as an unused loan commitment.