unusual circumstance

See: phenomenon
References in classic literature ?
My sister was not in a very bad temper when we presented ourselves in the kitchen, and Joe was encouraged by that unusual circumstance to tell her about the bright shilling.
By this ingenious device, the insolvent not only preserved his character, by no means an unusual circumstance in New York, however, but he preserved about half of his bona fide estate also; his creditors, as was customary, doing the PAYING.
Beauchamp wished to go in alone, but Albert observed that as this was an unusual circumstance he might be allowed to deviate from the usual etiquette in affairs of honor.
D'Artagnan, on his side, went up to the landlady, praised her wine -- which was a horrible production from the country of Montreuil -- and heard from her that there were only two houses of importance in the village; one of these belonged to the Archbishop of Paris, and was at that time the abode of his niece the Duchess of Longueville; the other was a convent of Jesuits and was the property -- a by no means unusual circumstance -- of these worthy fathers.
It became a not unusual circumstance for letters to be put under his door at night, enclosing half-a-crown, two half-crowns, now and then at long intervals even half-a-sovereign, for the Father of the Marshalsea.
After the last two days spent in solitude and unusual circumstances, Pierre was in a state bordering on insanity.
Perhaps her senses had run away with her just as his had, and, treating what had occurred as an accident due to unusual circumstances, it might be that she had decided to put the matter out of her mind.
Your mind has been agitated by the unusual circumstances in which you are placed.
A well-defined scent spoor might never be forgotten by a beast if it had first been sensed under unusual circumstances, and so Tarzan was confident that Numa's nose had already reminded him of all the circumstances of their brief connection.
I find myself in a very painful position; and I come to you to advise me, under very unusual circumstances.
I am obliged to say this under very unusual circumstances," added her ladyship, with a glance round her magnificent bedroom, "through your unexpected promptitude in favoring me with a call.
He had been convicted on no extraordinary evidence, he had been hanged under no unusual circumstances.