unusual happening

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Vendors whose stalls were right across from the bank told investigators that they noticed nothing unusual happening at the time of the robbery, Danao said.
The petition argues that the LHC passed the decision without putting the prosecutor general or advocate general of Punjab on notice in a most unusual happening. It also questions the formation of the full bench that passed the impugned verdict.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of a two-day workshop organized by USAID for stakeholders in the Ellembelle District, Mr Bonzoh was of the view that 'the phenomenon [climate change] has science backing it, and a lot of what is happening around us are evidence of the presence of something unusual happening to our climatic conditions'.
The more variables we can see, the more correlations we can draw through ML, and the faster we can spot something unusual happening, investigate, and quarantine bad actors, applications or devices.
Taking strong exception to the leakage during JIT investigations, Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb termed it an 'unusual happening.'
ISLAMABAD -- Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb has taken strong exception to the leakage of Hussain Nawaz's picture during investigations by the joint investigation team (JIT) and termed it an unusual happening.
There could be something quite unusual happening for you towards the end of this week, as you seem to step away from a certain comfort zone and dare to do something different, perhaps with another or others in mind, and you'll very likely make yourself proud.
He should report to his Ward Councilor in case of any unusual happening which is not in line with the NAP or government policy laid down from time to time.
Even the chaos that comes with the torrential rain that falls here would be welcome and he added: "This is good for me, because it increases the chances of something unusual happening."
I AM a member of the Bahrain Road Runners (BRR) and during my visit to my hometown in Germany last Christmas, I looked at the running event schedule in the area and decided to participate in the annual Sylvester run organised by the CVJM Siegerland with my BRR shirt and the Bahrain flag, which was a very unusual happening and many asked me what the purpose was and about the issue with the flag.
Quite an unusual happening. Rules stipulate that the race would be void as it is incomplete.
This was a most unusual happening and it is unlikely to have been written by someone who had not witnessed the happening.