unusual incident

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References in classic literature ?
Tudor had always been a wanderer, and with facile wit and quick vivid description he leaped from episode and place to episode and place, relating his experiences seemingly not because they were his, but for the sake of their bizarreness and uniqueness, for the unusual incident or the laughable situation.
Det Insp Angela Hufton said: "This was an unusual incident that is not very common in our force area.
In an unusual incident, a wife slapped a girl who she felt was trying to flirt with her husband.
He said: "This is a really unusual incident that has happened just after midnight on New Year's Eve and caused huge distress to the occupants of the address.
Despite the unusual incident, Guardiola played down the event in a light-hearted fashion during his post match news conference.
Currently, he said Bangladesh is one of the safest places of the world for travel in terms of the numbers of unusual incident against its huge population.
Apparently, the unusual incident resulted from a communication failure between the military aircraft and the control tower of the Hatzerim Air Force base.
This was a very, very unusual incident in Canberra.
Aigburth neighbourhood inspector, Graeme Rooney, said: "This was a highly unusual incident and thankfully robberies and attempted robberies are extremely rare in this area.
Det Sgt Adam Clifford said: "This is an unusual incident and we are conducting a full and thorough investigation.
RSPCA deputy chief inspector Andy Broadbent said: "This is somewhat an unusual incident.
RSPCA deputy chief inspector DCI Andy Broadbent said: "This is somewhat an unusual incident.