unusual incident

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Tudor had always been a wanderer, and with facile wit and quick vivid description he leaped from episode and place to episode and place, relating his experiences seemingly not because they were his, but for the sake of their bizarreness and uniqueness, for the unusual incident or the laughable situation.
Pune (Maharashtra) [India] Aug 21 (ANI): In an unusual incident caught on CCTV camera, a woman was seen hitting her car repeatedly against the other car that was parked on the roadside in Pune's Ramnagar area here on Tuesday.
Many will never view the nuclear industry with anything other than hostility and suspicion - but even those who are supportive of it need to feel confident there will be swift and total transparency when any unusual incident occurs.
'It was an unusual incident when the electronic gadgets caught fire and turned into ashes,' said Said Wali Shah.
Constable Gavin Nicoll said: "This is an unusual incident in Killearn and our enquiries are ongoing to identify those responsible.
'The Cyberpark management takes matters like this very seriously and is conducting its own investigation into this highly unusual incident,' the statement read.
An unusual incident occurred on the reservoir of Sam Rayburn, Texas.
Summary: The match was overshadowed by an unusual incident
Staff at the Indian and South Korean embassies near the US compound said they were unaware of any unusual incident and were working as normal.
Inspector Tracy Harkins, from Paisley's Community policing team, says her officers are looking into the unusual incident She said: "We are investigating an attempted break-in in Stravaig Walk during the early hours of Saturday morning.
Currently, he said Bangladesh is one of the safest places of the world for travel in terms of the numbers of unusual incident against its huge population.
RSPCA deputy chief inspector DCI Andy Broadbent said: "This is somewhat an unusual incident. The jar must have floated down from Dolwyddelan - or even possibly further.