unusual occurrence

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Having an issue-free opening day for any new airport terminal project is an unusual occurrence, let alone the transference to a brand new airport infrastructure.
Nonetheless it is a very unusual occurrence and is significant," he added.
1) This case represents an unusual occurrence in which bilateral ostia of Hailer cells were visualized in the middle meatus and ethmoid infundibulum.
A well-told story with convincing characters and something to say, "Sex With Strangers" shouldn't seem like such an unusual occurrence.
It's not an unusual occurrence for a new vodka to hit the U.
This act of kindness and generosity of spirit was not an unusual occurrence.
However, a diplomat close to the IAEA told Daily News Egypt at the time that this was not an unusual occurrence.
But weather officials have said changing weather patterns may have caused the unusual occurrence of the current summer storm.
We are trying to come up with a possible explanation to this unusual occurrence.
In an unusual occurrence, FDA changed all three strains for this year's influenza vaccine.
This is not an unusual occurrence and the biggest culprits for moving around in the water unlit at night are the fishing dhows.