unusual occurrence

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As a former law enforcement officer tasked at times with planning major unusual occurrences in the city of Los Angeles, let's hope my perspective will provide insight into the discussion of whether the memorial cost projected at $3.
However, a diplomat close to the IAEA told Daily News Egypt at the time that this was not an unusual occurrence.
But weather officials have said changing weather patterns may have caused the unusual occurrence of the current summer storm.
We are trying to come up with a possible explanation to this unusual occurrence.
In an unusual occurrence, FDA changed all three strains for this year's influenza vaccine.
This is not an unusual occurrence and the biggest culprits for moving around in the water unlit at night are the fishing dhows.
Of course, it is to be expected that voters' attention is turned elsewhere over a holiday weekend, so a major shift in the standing of the two candidates would be an unusual occurrence.
Severe weather of any type is a highly unusual occurrence in Northern Michigan this late in the year.
Growing up in China, she received a classical education, an unusual occurrence for girls; World War II forced her removal to the Chinese countryside to attend high school in Christian missionary schools.
And Pound, who promised to launch an inquiry into the highly unusual occurrence, has refused to rule out the possibility of reversing the results if new evidence suggests it is necessary.
These remarks highlight that what we are about to read is an unusual occurrence, and, for that reason, the events of this story are special and worthy of particular attention.
Tanking above 20,000 feet, in the only clear air, was not an unusual occurrence while operating in the warning area in February.