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Aafter that, the unutilised quota is released to the wait-listed passengers, irrespective of their gender.
9 million by the US for 'strengthening democracy' also remained unutilised.
If you create that [sharing economy] platform, and I have unutilised resources, I can upload them to that platform.
However, he said, IIFCL indicated that RBI had committed the entire quantum of USD 5 billion to its borrowers and that there would not be any residual or unutilised amount which could be offered to Exim Bank.
With the amount of 1 billion euros earmarked for the recapitalisation of the cooperative banks put aside as unutilised after the Cooperative Central Bank successfully completed the 'stress test' asset quality review in October, the government may still borrow up to 2.
One of the reasons we called on the SEC officials is to secure permission to use these unutilised classrooms," the ambassador said.
But most of this oil is lying unutilised and dormant for the last three or four years.
New Delhi: Indian railways has decided to offer unutilised berths in trains under the ladies quota first to women passengers on the waiting list and then to senior citizens.
ETPL has the unutilised capacity since the start of operations in March 2015, which has put an extra burden on the gas consumers.
India has paid over Rs 400 crore in the last four years as commitment charges to the Asian Development Bank, Japan, Germany and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) for unutilised external loans taken to fund development projects.
Manila: A Commission on Audit (COA) report on the government's handling of funds and donations for victims of typhoon Haiyan revealed shortcomings that left much of the donations unutilised and going to waste.
The privatisation of Limassol port may boost the economy by turning Cyprus into a cargo handling hub and increasing the port's operations beyond its current, largely unutilised capacity, the minister of communication and works has said.