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296 to address the absence of a law on the tax treatment of unutilized, unreported, or erroneously reported campaign contributions by political parties, party-list groups and candidates.
The company has expensed USD4,906,000 of overhead costs during the current year (December 31, 2014: USD5,047,000) in respect of unutilized plant capacity.
COA said that since the amount represented the unutilized budget for the two project, the money should now be returned to the treasury bureau.
But PESCO could utilized only 18839 MW and 8479 MW went unutilized which caused prolonged power outages in the province and added to miseries of the people.
2) Focusing on the persistence of unutilized productive capacity in a context in which markets are supposedly becoming more efficient, binary economics specifically offers both (1) a distinct understanding of the persistence of unutilized productive capacity and (2) a wholly voluntary, market-based, ownershipbroadening approach that promises to employ labor and capital more fully, profitably, and sustainably to produce much greater and more broadly shared prosperity.
As part of the guidelines, Kenya Airways said one free change shall be allowed for passengers already holding unutilized tickets while re-booking will be done on same class as originally booked," he said
Alpental Energy Partners, LLC creates value from unutilized energy sources.
VM sprawl results from pervasive deployment and growth of virtual machines, some of which then sit unutilized long after their useful lives.
In this report we have highlighted serious budget transgressions such as unrealistic and defective budgeting leading to entire or large amount being saved, unnecessary supplementary grants remaining entirely unutilized, indiscriminate use of delegate powers of re-appropriation of funds, diluting the process of parliamentary authorization and rush of expenditure during the last quarter of the financial year," Gupta said.
The performance metrics evaluated are: (i) Energy lost per round - the sum of the energy lost due to transmission, reception and data fusion at all the sensor nodes divided by the number of rounds before the first node failure, (ii) Delay (in terms of the number of time slots) per round of data aggregation and transmission to the sink, (iii) Node lifetime, measured as number of rounds the network sustains before the first sensor node fails due to exhaustion of battery charge, (iv) Energy*delay value per round and (v) Percentage of the initially supplied energy that is left unutilized at the rest of the nodes during the time of first sensor node failure.
industry has substantial unutilized capacity and is able to expand production to fill the new demand for U.