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Significant factors underlying the current quarter loss include: USD1,782,000 (year-to-date USD2,273,000) for expenditures in support of current merger and acquisition initiatives; as well, there remain within operations significant levels of unutilized plant capacity.
Eureka is a student company from Sultan Qaboos University specialized in alternative energy sources and making use of unutilized energy sources.
But PESCO could utilized only 18839 MW and 8479 MW went unutilized which caused prolonged power outages in the province and added to miseries of the people.
8 lakh acres, the TDP government is in the procedure of taking back unutilized land from different firms.
As part of the guidelines, Kenya Airways said one free change shall be allowed for passengers already holding unutilized tickets while re-booking will be done on same class as originally booked," he said
Alpental Energy Partners, LLC creates value from unutilized energy sources.
VM sprawl results from pervasive deployment and growth of virtual machines, some of which then sit unutilized long after their useful lives.
In this report we have highlighted serious budget transgressions such as unrealistic and defective budgeting leading to entire or large amount being saved, unnecessary supplementary grants remaining entirely unutilized, indiscriminate use of delegate powers of re-appropriation of funds, diluting the process of parliamentary authorization and rush of expenditure during the last quarter of the financial year," Gupta said.
The government is bound to pay that on the unutilized balance of the loan amount as obligatory payment to the lender/donor on the amount committed by them but unutilized, he remarked.
Additionally the lounge hold a fully equipped kitchen in back which has been unutilized by the current owners.
industry has substantial unutilized capacity and is able to expand production to fill the new demand for U.
Marketing Director of Orange Mobile, Yanal Shwayyat emphasized, "A7la offer also allows our customers to benefit from numerous attractive features such as: A flat tariff structure to all local networks of 6 piasters per minute, a preferred international calling destination (dialing code) to talk to any number within the country at preferred rates, free enrolment within the pay-as-you-go continuous activity loyalty program to get up to 15 percent free bonus on every recharge, reaccredidation of unutilized credit within a specified period of time, free access to international and roaming services in addition to free SMS bundles upon topping up the account on certain denominations; 50 free SMS for the JD22 recharges and 100 for the JD32.