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He noted that while the JBC allowed Sereno to be considered for the post of Chief Justice, the council rejected his wifes application for Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeals simply because of unvalidated NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) clearance and health examination documents.
Specific deviations included unvalidated processes, an inadequately controlled environment, lack of control of components used in production, and a lack of sufficient and validated product testing.
But as the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts noted in a September 19 ruling, they remain unvalidated or controversial as indicators of marijuana use.
The only evidence provided comes from unvalidated computer models.
During his turn at questioning resource persons, Trillanes suggested that Uson, along with other media influencers, who happened to be public officials at the same time to be cautious in sharing unvalidated information.
Because of the unvalidated threat that there would be hostages that would be beheaded, we launched a massive rescue operation," he added.
The patient developed fatigue, cognitive difficulties, and poor exercise tolerance, and 2 years after her initial diagnosis she received a diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease based on the results of unvalidated tests.
The difference is, we tried to find a better dietary measurement," than a food frequency recall, which is an unvalidated tool susceptible to recall errors, she said.
False-positive results for alternative tests or unvalidated interpretation criteria can lead to patient confusion and misdiagnosis (9,20,33).
These protocols are readily adaptable to toxicology: They include clear formulation of the problem to be reviewed; comprehensive and explicit strategies for identifying sources of information; attention to all sources of bias, including inadequate study designs and unvalidated or inappropriate methods of generating and analyzing information; and public disclosure of financial conflicts of interest.
13) Incorrect results not only increase the risk of misdiagnosis affecting the individual patient but also have an economic impact: every dollar that laboratories spend by using low-quality reagents with unvalidated test protocols could potentially increase the economic burden on the healthcare system.
Previously, CO2 pipelines have been designed using unvalidated computer simulations of CO2 dispersion due to the lack of experimental data.