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If there is no possibility to validate the research results, the question is whether it is appropriate to return unvalidated results.
Alejano added that "Malacaaang has a long history of of releasing unvalidated information to the public" and that they "backtrack or change tune in the middle of the issue.
"For example, Cord for Life's unvalidated manufacturing processes, uncontrolled environment, and inadequate personnel aseptic practices .
Under current administrative and legal interpretations, however, these data releases have not occurred only unvalidated turnout reports are available.
'Until backed by evidence,' Lacson stressed that 'a narco list remains unvalidated and should only be used for intelligence purposes in order to assist law enforcement in pursuing their case buildup with the end in view of filing appropriate criminal charges against those in the list.'
Until each case is verified so that a criminal case can be filed, Senator Lacson said, the list remains unvalidated and should be used only for intelligence purposes.
Investigators documented evidence of many significant deviations from CGMPs, including unvalidated manufacturing processes, lack of control over the components used in production, and the lack of sufficient and validated product testing.
These vulnerabilities all related to the improper handling of unvalidated data.
However, one article examined young adults at a clinic for sexually transmitted diseases (53) and the other used an unvalidated questionnaire distributed to nurses (52).
Improper or no input validation at the server side is the root cause behind most of the web application vulnerabilities including XSS, SQL Injection, and unvalidated redirects [59].
But as the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts noted in a September 19 ruling, they remain unvalidated or controversial as indicators of marijuana use.
The only evidence provided comes from unvalidated computer models.