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Prevents urban areas conditions becoming monotonously unvaried [A.
Johnson elucidates this notion in Idler 103, pointing out that an "even and unvaried tenor of life"--such as inactivity produces--"always hides from our apprehension the approach of its end" (305).
Effects of endogenous and exogenous hyperthon healthy and necrotic cell numbers compared to control group Study Groups Brain Region Healthy Cell Necrotic Cell Number * Number * Endogenous Cerebral cortex Decreased Increased hyperthermia Cerebellum Unvaried Increased Hypothalamus Unvaried Unvaried All brain region Unvaried Increased Exogenous Cerebral cortex Decreased Unvaried hyperthermia Cerebellum Unvaried Increased Hypothalamus Decreased Unvaried All brain region Unvaried Increased * Increased/Decreased: p<0.
Frost growth on louvered folded fins was investigated by conducting a series of experiments in a parametric fashion and by varying the fin temperature, air inlet humidity, and air inlet face velocity such that only one variable was modified at a time while all other operating parameters were unvaried.
The unvaried cadence of Shakespeare's iambic pentameter here admirably conveys the drumbeat inexorability of time's forward march:
Spearheads, on the other hand, have hardly been touched--presumably because they are relatively unvaried and seem to offer little in the way of interesting inferences.
Except for birch, which has the greatest density among the hardwoods tested, the thermal conductivity becomes nearly unvaried when the temperature is further increased to 90[degrees]C.
The constant unvaried colour of the slip prevents distraction from the curvy forms with fine sharp edges.
Martin Wood, Dunfermline "It tends to be expensive and unvaried - it is always the same thing, burgers and sausages.
Kate Royal was, disappointingly, a little unvaried in each song, but used her hugely flexible voice to cope with the large range demanded by the composer.