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The net margin of return reached 3.9% in June, unvarying from March and down from 4.6% in December, September, July, and March 2017.
Unfortunately, we are living in a society with humans having monotonous lives who are only concerned with their unvarying work.
A lot of these derive from the soloists, who are the shifting factor against the Choral Society's backdrop of unvarying excellence in this piece.
IT teams everywhere face an unvarying backdrop of constant change.
Frequently, the latter are full of sugar and calories, causing energy highs and lows that fluctuate throughout the day, rather than maintaining a steady, unvarying energy stream.
But, regardless of the unvarying weather, this month does see one much-needed change on the horizon: a delightfully refreshing cultural programme -- the highlight of which is the annual International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival.
Just when the unvarying serialism of 24 Frames threatens to turn oppressive--most of the shots are in black-and-white and feature avian performers--Kiarostami pulls off a surprise: the Eggleston-like teal palette and picturesque desolation in Frame 16, for instance, or the trompe l'oeil ruse of the immediately preceding vignette, in which the remarkable intentness of a group of tourists studying the Eiffel Tower gradually reveals itself to be the effect of a photographic gambit.
Condon races through the story beats at an unvarying pace, usually with his camera too close to the performers while the digital effects overwhelm the screen.
That element and the occasional flaw apart, this is first-rate scholarship, working on material of unvarying interest.
This unvarying focus will suit the knowledgeable Scottish historian, but lay readers might have appreciated a little more of a helping hand in understanding, for instance, the politics of the time and the legal weight of the two opposing claims to the earldom of Ross out of which the conflict sprang.
He said there was no doubt that unvarying assistance from UNIDO in the form of TRTA II programme could help us achieve the desired results in the best possible manner.
He brought me." The two fast friends seal their relationship by honoring an unvarying daily/weekly routine together: "Madame Martine and Max took the same walk every day.