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The Self--or some ersatz mythological figure--is always at the center of these poems, emotionally aware only of Itself, obsessed with Itself: "I used to sit there pulling arrows out of my heart." The unvaryingly antagonistic Male is forever victimizing the endlessly suppressed and suffering Female.
Likewise, the subjects with lower levels of maxATP unvaryingly demonstrate little to no methylation curve, indicating both sub-optimal methylation and an inability to produce phosphocreatine secondary to deficient ATP production.
A pro-plaintiff rule, such as one that supports internet users, may meet redistributive justice concerns if plaintiffs, on average, are poorer than defendants, but unless this is unvaryingly true, the redistribution will flow in the incorrect direction in a number of cases.
Chelsea may be relentless, as Ferguson has aptly described them, but they are usually unvaryingly relentless.
His strenuously archaic diction, his eccentric devotion to syllabic and quantitative measures, his bizarre attempts to simplify English spelling, as well as his unvaryingly placid manner, all obstruct the appreciation of his genius; but it is his happiness, a matter of conviction as well as temperament, that most repels contemporary readers.
What will not do, and what has so often been done, is to portray the City of London, as represented by its mayors and aldermen, who came from the ranks of the Great Companies, peers of men like Lonyson and Kettlewood, as implacably and unvaryingly opposed to playing, both as a new economic venture and as an attraction of civic life.
The coverage, mostly featuring pictures taken in the early hours of the morning, unvaryingly show party girl Paris looking elegant and even demure while highlighting Britney's appalling dress sense and total lack of dignity.
Although scientists had speculated that the world some 120 million years ago was unvaryingly hot, climate fluctuated dramatically, a new report argues.
(Later, though, she had no objection to both her mother and the cook-nursemaid Erzsi keeping house for her, with her husband and daughter, for the period 1923-36.) Duczynska recalls with a mixture of sarcasm and embarrassment the evening meal's seemingly comic ritual when the manservant Pista, suitably dressed in white gloves for the role of Kammerdiener, ceremoniously served the family a meal that, "every blessed evening," was unvaryingly the same: semolina sprinkled with chocolate.
The understandably melancholic tone of the preface of the first edition continues throughout the new edition of the book; Shahak and Mezvinsky have an almost unvaryingly suspicious view of Jewish fundamentalism with regard to peace with the Arabs and democracy inside Israel.
(10) He thereby balances a "good" with a "bad" Hollander, in pursuit of his idea that race or ethnicity does not unvaryingly determine the goodness or evil of one's "human nature," whether one is Spanish (the Governor of Buenos Aires is particularly evil), Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, Jewish, Moslem or Christian.
More damaging, Harvey Keitel as Steve Arnold, the American major who is convinced of the musician's complicity, takes such an unvaryingly aggressive posture that audience sympathy is thrown to Furtwangler.