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The unveiling at Pontypridd High School will be undertaken by the Mayor of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council with Lady (Brenda) Evans, the widow of Sir Geraint.
Critics of Another Country have been eager to see in the novel the promise of a transparent sexual utopia grounded in a healing unveiling of a serenely accepted identity.
As Cass becomes "unalterable forever" and infinitely removed from Eric as she is "wrapped about by reality," moreover, the unveiling is unsettled not only by the recursive intertwining of revelation with what is revealed, but also by ambiguities created by the crossing of literal and figural registers in the passage.
The "unimaginable riddles" thus inflect the "unremembered and unimaginable time and state" to which Cass is carried back, not only putting pressure on the know-ability of that "very same joy" - unveiling a familiar past that is, paradoxically, "unremembered" - but also retrospectively rewriting the innocence that Eric and Cass, "like children," unweary, experience as their affair begins.
It is difficult to read the blockage of "race" and sexuality as an obstruction to this daunting realization; rather, the very contentlessness of the unveiling that constitutes Vivaldo forms the very "content" of the unveiling itself.
This "something else" gains its power from a paradoxical transparency; the riveting power of her performance comes from the transparent unveiling of her "self" in all its opacity.
The unveiling of mysterious, unseen parts of Eric's character - the revelation, that is, of their mystery - fascinates Vivaldo and fuels the desire for Eric that he will later realize.
The ambiguity makes unspoken hesitate between the unveiling of a future - an act or desire as yet unspoken but soon to be spoken - and an action that takes place through speaking's negation.
The closet, like the crypt - built upon its ruins, shored up by its breach - frustrates the definitive unveiling of its content because it includes, structurally, this recursive return, which allows us perhaps only to say to each content unveiled that this does not seem to be "it.