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Changes in the dairy barn environment in unventilated (UV **), tunnel-ventilated barn (TV ***) and the environmental temperature outside of the barn (Outside; ***).
Texas [United States], July 25 ( ANI ): A truck driver has been charged by a San Antonio federal courte for transporting undocumented immigrants in an unventilated, windowless semi truck which resulted in the death of 10 persons on Monday.
The aircraft was completely locked and unventilated. The interior heat must have been fairly high as both Rosen visors sagged down from their stowed horizontal position.
[15] These clinical manifestations might be related to substantial exposure to the cleaning substances during work or the women might have not used PPE (72%) or they used cleaners in unventilated area (38%), and they did not follow the instructions of use that was written on the product containers (88%) as many of them were illiterate, bored, or the labels on cleaners were addressed in foreign languages (Turkish or Persian).
Figure 3 shows the thermal environment during the first experimental week for the evaluated conditions of the coffeeprocessing plant (unventilated and ventilated).
unventilated wife, his chronic black ash daughters.
The defendants denied being responsible for the death of the Sri Lankan tenant and his girlfriend, who were found dead in bed after having inhaled carbon monoxide that leaked into their unventilated room in Al Rashidiya.
No parents would willingly risk their children's lives in rickety boats or unventilated trucks if they didn't leave behind situations that were even worse.
A LOCAL vet is warning pet owners over the dangers of leaving their animals in conservatories or unventilated cars during the summer.
Charcoal grills produce carbon monoxide (CO) fumes, which can be fatal in unventilated areas.
The first platform, the Actelis ML684D Industrial Ethernet Switch, fits in space constrained, unventilated cabinets or vaults, has a DIN rail mount, and can be optionally placed in an enclosure and mounted on poles or on a wall.
However, if it doesn't work, then standing in this unventilated lump of cloth can be an excruciating 20 minutes.