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He added that NAO has no access to bank accounts of persons holding public office and their bank deposits are also unverifiable.
A statement added: "It is deplorable that as we draw closer to the time of the beginning of the conclave that there is a widespread distribution of often unverified, unverifiable or completely false news stories that cause serious damage to persons and institutions."
We make no unverifiable claims of being "green." We like it simple: "Our packs can be recycled." That's it.
Personal stories constitute "real-world testimony" yet are "unverifiable" and may or may not be representative.
Business Monitor International (BMI) commented that this "is only the latest in a string of unverifiable large finds made since 20090.
6 differed dramatically from his accuser's account, and described the 2009 allegations as "totally unverifiable."
Reluctant to discard evidence defining the duchess as haughty, Porter claims the unverifiable assertion has "the ring of truth" and assumes Lady Somerset, as Edward III's descendant, resented Katherine's royal marriage (295).
I would find out an hour later that my identity as a Palestinian was unverifiable."
It is the self-proclaimed SVS/SHS with questionable or unverifiable credentials who will give those of us with advanced training and experience a bad name.
The Sudanese diplomat said that some countries led by the U.S and France had demanded that the UNSC issues a statement obliging the Sudanese government to ceasefire but the demand received objection from the representatives of China, Russia, India and Lebanon which argued that the information on atrocities committed in the region were sourced from non-governmental organization and thus unverifiable. Ali further said that the meeting was concluded without issuing a resolution or statement.
unverifiable claims are made about how many tons of carbon dioxide emissions are thereby forestalled or absorbed.
Of these, 18% of "local" claims were, according to the LGR, "undoubtedly false", with a further 14% unverifiable and therefore assumed to be false.