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He added that NAO has no access to bank accounts of persons holding public office and their bank deposits are also unverifiable.
It contains interesting points, such as noting the lack of media focus on the fact that 90% of New Orleans residents had been evacuated before Hurricane Katrina hit, and how the stories that recieved the most attention through broadcasts were often unverifiable or proven wrong by local reporters on the ground.
If the system determines that a tag is unverifiable, it rejects the label prior to application.
What it does: Works with clients to improve their credit posture by finding and clearing credit reports of inaccuracies and unverifiable reporting, and helps educate them on how to increase their credit rating.
I think the prime minister was referring to these reports, which are unverifiable and outdated.
This argument attempts to circumvent the business case review process, often when a project includes largely unverifiable assumptions.
CFM executives scoffed at Pratt & Whitney s claims for cutting maintenance costs by 20%, aligned with many airlines that have poured scorn on this unverifiable claim but CFM weren t there to discuss the competition.
Psephologist GV Krishnamurti believes that that EVMs had proved nothing more than 'black boxes' in India that rendered elections non-transparent, unverifiable and un-auditable after their introduction.
The FDA determined that data from Studies BAP00154 and BAP00414 cannot be relied upon because inspections and audits of approximately one-third of the clinical trial sites for these studies found the data from a large proportion of these sites to be unreliable or unverifiable, raising concerns regarding the overall data integrity for both studies.
The ministry also accused Hersh of making "several false and highly irresponsible claims by quoting anonymous and unverifiable sources".
Historically unverifiable this mythical land raises fascinating implications in today's uncertain climate both socially and globally.
no delay), no Wall Street speculators and hedgers, no carbon market or new derivatives market, no giveaways to polluters, no complex and unverifiable "international offsets," and no uncertainty about meaningful emission reductions.