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The truth is, Felix had purposely unverified his account "as a joke" and because he believes the system is annoying.
According to the sources, it is noticed that Telenor has most number of unverified SIMs that are about 36.
Hizbullah has been criticizing the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) presently probing the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri (father of Saad al-Hariri) especially after some leaked and unverified media reports revealed that the tribunal would likely indict members from Hizbullah for involvement In Hariri's murder.
NEW DELHI -- In an unprecedented move, the government has imposed a penalty of more than Rs 275 crore on major telecom operators for activating mobile phones of unverified customers across the country.
Trichet said that the country should not have allowed the use of unverified statistical figures for reporting, and urged the verification of financial figures.
In a March 21 media statement, Moras charged that witnesses testifying on the anti-Christian violence that occurred in September were asked "confusing" questions and that the commission has allowed media persons into its sessions, who drew unverified conclusions from proceedings.
At the time, the Los Angeles Police Commission was considering whether police officers should respond to unverified residential and commercial burglar alarms.
The church seems to have been the ignition point of the joyous but unverified rumor: "families began streaming out of the church, yelling 'They're alive
New features deliver dynamic protection against the latest protocols, support for segmented networks and enhanced integration with corporate directories to identify unverified users trying to access IM and P2P services.
This and much more--for more promises and unverified reforms.
He accuses it of running a story which came from one unverified source.
For her the practices of curiosity include "gossip, an unregulated exchange of an unverified information that commodifies others; hoarding, usury, and idleness, conceived as vicious kinds of acquisition that feed off society for personal gain; occult investigation, the pursuit of prohibited information about life beyond, before, or after death; and the public assertion of professional identity, the colonization of values by self-defined experts.