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00 million was not produced to audit which had made the expenditure unverified.
It's one thing to show an unverified photo of a giant hailstone or a Fourth of July parade, but what about an image that could incite violence?
In essence, Judge Allen accused a fellow appellate judge of judicial corruption based on unverified facts that came from outside the record and were not part of the Childers case.
And what about pronouncements from authority figures like the governor who also seemed caught up in the enthusiastic, hopeful yet unverified, claim that there were survivors?
One version of an often-told but unverified anecdote about the British queen mother's friendly rapport with her gay kitchen staff; the queen mother died March 31 at age 101
It speculates that the legendary "bigfoot" creature allegedly sighted in the Pacific Northwest might be a cursed human "similar to what happened to Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4:33" although Hovind admits "those theories are unverified so far.
Such a low-energy Higgs dovetails with a popular, though unverified, theory known as supersymmetry.
Although the testimony by United Cricket Board of South Africa president Ali Bacher was all third-hand and unverified, lawyers did not challenge it.
Businesses may be unable to perform mission critical functions if Year 2000 compliance remains unverified.
Invariably, newspapers endeavour to second-guess the outcome and issue unofficial, unverified tables immediately after Christmas.
Mail to send unverified ID documents to anyone less than 21 years of age.
Like a lot of knee-jerk critics of the CIA and other espionage agencies, Rusbridger is far too trusting of unverified stories and distressingly eager to believe the worst, even when the facts are plenty bad enough.