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based website analyzing online reviews (https://www.bbc.com/news/business-47941181) expressed shock at the massive volume of unverified reviews saying this should not have happened as there are many ways to prevent it.
Janice Preston, head of Macmillan in Scotland, said: "As well as fantastic information and support, the web is full of unverified statistics, fake news and horror stories that can cause people unnecessary worry and distress.
About 4 percent of Covered California APTC users were nonfilers with unverified identities.
These employers are listed on ROZEE.PK as "Unverified".
Some of these jurisdictions have animal welfare standards which are unverified.
YouTube's most popular vlogger, Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg, has returned to Twitter after his account was briefly suspended and unverified after uploading an obscene image and rumors that he had "joined ISIS."
The unverified SIMs delinking was part of National Action Plan to curb terrorism.
The distribution on the territory of Kyrgyzstan of unverified information, appeals to religious extremism, information videos, and religious videos is prohibited in accordance with the laws of Kyrgyzstan.
So, when I issue a traffic call about them, I'll make sure to append the word "unverified" to the altitude.
Hope they don't hurt too much.) The first three except for my titles and comments are unverified from newspaper quizzes.
NNA - Caretaker Justice Minister Shakib Qortbawi on Thursday affirmed that the unverified information about the presence of a bomb at the Justice Palace today only sought spreading terror among the people.
"The police media centre renews its call to the media to adhere to professional standards and to seek information from official sources rather than depending on unverified rumours on social media that are often aimed at spreading misinformation," it said in a statement.