unverified news

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PCO Net is a program to network government communication officers in the provinces in different parts of the country with the aim to bring a coherent and efficient flow of information to the grassroots level to cut back fake and unverified news.
One segment ridiculed him- not only for his unverified news story -but due to his history of continuously bashing on government and his support for the establishment.
Unverified news circulating at the weekend had claimed large amounts had been stolen.
Such unverified news on air gives rise to many misunderstandings that sometimes spread sensationalism.
ISLAMABAD -- The National Assembly's Standing Committee on Rules of Procedure and Privileges Wednesday expressed concern over the irresponsible attitude of media for airing unverified news linking the parliamentarians with banned organizations.
The regulator warned all TV channels against airing unverified news or analysis themed around the Pakistan Army or its relationship with the civilian government.
Malacanang asked the public to be vigilant and to refrain from sharing unverified news that may cause panic.
The Jordan armed forces emphasized on continuing its humanitarian role toward refugees, and called on social media activists not to publish unverified news.
The panelists were of the opinion that editorial interventions and the role of the editor acquired greater importance in today's world of social media and citizen journalists, where unverified news sometimes fanned rumours, often with disastrous consequences.
While partisanship and campaigning in the media for Islamist, secular or progressive groups is hardly unexpected, several newspapers and TV channels stand accused of rumour-mongering and disseminating false and unverified news likely to cause social unrest.
Speculative, inaccurate and unverified news on casualties and the extent of damage often blur the truth and provoke tensions.
Imran Leghari,MNA raised the point that some news channels and newspapers indulge in character assassination of the various personalities, so there should be a clause to bring to book such persons who telecast or publish unverified news items.