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Using the history of polyethylene as an example, Seymour showed that this illiteracy is not just a problem, for instance, with the 50% of high school students unable to pass elementary algebra, but was also with high-level corporate executives unversed in polymer science, who for years could see no commercial future for this family of materials.
However, building their own social network or creating a platform to manage user-generated content is a daunting task for traditional content providers unversed in the technology behind these applications.
Such tradition can weigh heavily on young shoulders unversed in these occasions - precisely what Liverpool are, with seven of their side making debuts in the competition.
If the title of Caleb Scharf's book sounds intimidating, casual readers of science have nothing to fear: Gravity's Engine is both short and written for those unversed in astrophysics.
Why should someone utterly unversed in foreign affairs have equal political voice with Henry Kissinger?
judges from the influence of outsiders, who are unversed in law and
To the unversed - and they are growing in number - the sight of a jockey raising a whip on a horse is simply too abhorrent to be mitigated.
Here, within an appositely labyrinthine display designed by Fabian Marti, more than one hundred works by nearly fifty artists--including Kenneth Anger, Joachim Koester, Cerith Wyn Evans, and Lisa Yuskavage--will offer entree to their hermetic milieus or, perhaps, stonewall viewers unversed in the correct secret handshakes.
Poetry boyband Aisle 16 - white suits and breathtaking graphics - are out to deride the empty pop format and fill the void with verse for the so far unversed.
I wondered what name the Cubans, unversed in Western political correctness, gave to them.
Abuse must not be tolerated, even in a backwater, but I can't help feeling that setting up a court under British rules with judges brought from New Zealand who are unversed in island ways is not the answer.
One of the reasons for that is that nowadays there are so many journalists who are really unversed in defence and security.