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The unversed in office politics may feel that a task which is a mainstay of any personal assistant's job could provoke such fear.
This historical perspective is particularly helpful for literary scholars and students unversed in religious history.
It could be a sobering wake-up call for someone so young and so unversed in the often treacherous ways of big business and high society.
The first chapter of Part 2 offers a detailed examination of three interrelated levels of concern for an exploration of her theology and spirituality as a whole; written in extended outline format, it would prove belabored reading for persons unversed in Catherinian studies.
And although the going may at first seem tough, particularly for those unversed in the rhetorical strategies shaping much current critical theory--the landscape is densely packed with some of the lexical and syntactic gymnastics inhabiting (inhibiting?) modern critical discourse--Delany's inimitable voice is always present to guide the wayfarer through the intricacies of his prose.
One of the biggest stumbling blocks in the financing process is when the realtor or mortgage broker is unversed with the real estate.
Poetry boyband Aisle 16 - white suits and breathtaking graphics - are out to deride the empty pop format and fill the void with verse for the so far unversed.
Abuse must not be tolerated, even in a backwater, but I can't help feeling that setting up a court under British rules with judges brought from New Zealand who are unversed in island ways is not the answer.
For the unversed, the company has an LGBT community of employees called Gayglers.
He's rough around the edges, lacking good conversation and completely unversed in dating etiquette.
For those unversed, the footballers were found by the British divers in July, with footage showing them visibly weak and huddled on a mud mound deep inside the Tham Luang cave.
For those unversed, Mistry was removed as executive chairman of Tata Sons, on October 24, 2016, by its board, following shareholder upheaval.