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"Then you have the rest of the girls who are really glamorous, sensual and more into sexy poses." The girl group Sistar, is clearly on the unvirtuous end.
Too drab to succeed even as defiantly unvirtuous trash, this era-stradding tale of an immortal medieval warrior protecting modern-day New York from a Black Death reboot stifles Diesel's rough-hewn charisma via a sludgy, impermeable oil spill of CGI effects.
"He was just a brilliant social historian who gave us some important concepts and ideas, such as his concept of the founding colonists viewing themselves as 'virtuous republicans' who had the right to exploit and oppress 'unvirtuous' peoples of color everywhere," says Dr.
Though not illegal, nevertheless, morally, or psychologically, or characterologically, unvirtuous. "Come on, you can do better than that!", you say to yourself or to someone else.
This insight proved attractive to Americans in part because, as they had long realized, republics were fragile entities easily corrupted by unvirtuous leaders.
Animals, by contrast, are very much the opposite: they are unvirtuous, ignorant of the Buddhist path, and, in any case, unable to follow the Buddha ideal in any reliable way.
Without debating the pros and cons of the foregoing events, most of them resulted in an increase in government spending and significant cultural and social changes, including a marked increase in unmarried births and single-parent families, which in turn have caused even more social-welfare spending, in an unvirtuous vicious circle.
Such representations of unvirtuous masculinity are not limitedto
These points can also be read as outlining a 'timeless' scenario centred on the relationship between an unvirtuous king and an emerging neak mean bon.
The unvirtuous cycle comes to rest temporarily, and the next round begins with more people farther behind.
Page: Yes, by all meanes, if it be but to scrape the figures out of your husband's braines: if they can find in their hearts, the poore unvirtuous fat Knight shall be any further afflicted, wee two will still bee the ministers.