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He was excited that none of the 203 political wards in the state was left unvisited in the campaign against the measles eradication.
These services are briefly described below: - m1: spotting a and b to form the dta-m2: sample analysis - m3: measurement of dust- m4: periodic evaluation of the state of conservation- m5: marking before work- m6: marking before demolition- m7: additional marking following unvisited premises- m8: visual examination of the condition of treated surfaces
However, previously unvisited destinations such as Sweden, South Korea and Japan are becoming more popular among visitors.
This simply means that we could formulate a short path by going to the distance-wise closest unvisited city from any given city.
This is the third time the Five Deeps team has successfully dived to the previously unvisited bottom of one of the world's five oceans.
It will innovate unvisited magical realms of classicism and yet confine to the mother Book of Indian dramaturgy -- Natyasasthra -- the primeval source of all entertainment," Shobana said in a statement.
Once the beating heart of the industrial revolution, it's now an eerie, unvisited place, but the unlikely location of some nice pools in which to take a dip beneath an iron bridge.
In the words of the NBF Managing Director, Dr Inamul Haq Javed, 'The book is a pure joy and source of inspiration for those who are interested in reading Islamic mysticism and will open new vistas of knowledge which for many may be voyage on new journey, a dreamland unvisited so far but has also the ability to impact your life immensely and deeply.'
Be it bringing in electables to mobilising the inert, indifferent voter, they left no stone unturned, no tactic unused, no place unvisited.
No genre is left unvisited as the boys roll their a capella chords around tunes from the likes of Michael Jackson, Eminem, ABBA and, unsurprisingly, The Beatles.
It is believed that by covering the key with Sellotape the would-be burglars can establish whether properties are vacant or unvisited.
"The turbulent waters of childhood often remain unvisited after living through them.