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For example, in control subjects, initial unvoiced plosives and /h/ (cyan) are clustered together in the upper left of the confusion circle, with /k/ occurring at the intersection of /h/ and /p/ spaces and /t/ well discriminated both from the other unvoiced plosives and /h/.
What other critic, for instance, has read the central tension in "Miss Leonora When Last Seen" as involving not the town's desire to enact class revenge against the aristocratic Logans but its deeper, unvoiced fear of public school integration?
Mike inadvertently gives voice to Barnes's unvoiced motive: "Brett's gone off with men.
When you have a baby, you don't realise you have dreams for that child, because they're unvoiced, but now I wonder about the potential he had.
Alliteration of stressed words in Pearl provides themes for the phonetic design of the line unit in particular, as in line one above, where the alliterating unvoiced sibilant ss are variously supported by the unvoiced plosive ps and ts and liquid rs: Fro spot, spirit, ther sprang, space; in line two, where the alliterating series involves consonantal progression from front to back, moving from the labial stop b, to alveolar stop d (body, bod) and to palatal stop k (balke); and in the opposite direction in line three, where the palatal gs are followed by front stops t, n, and d (goste, gon, and Godez).
Going beyond the Donne-influenced models of literary decorum advocated by the New Critics who ruled the college English Departments of the period, writers like Ginsberg, Kerouac and Wieners spoke in direct, vibrant speech about previously unvoiced topics such as Buddhism, homosexuality, the pain of drug addiction and the monstrous suppression of the spirt in Western culture.
A soul consumed with hunger for heights beyond reach, I am the echo of unvoiced dreams, the clamor of suppressed desires.
According to researchers at Cranfield University, several definitions of delight are used, generally associated with exceeding customers' expectations to deliver the pleasant surprise that results when a product or service answers an unvoiced need.
A labored but more phonetically accurate spelling of the pair is "U(n)-HU(n)H" and "U(n)-HU(n)H" [or "U(n)-HU(n)" and "U(n)H-U(n)"], where "U(n)"means an unvoiced nasal U, reflecting the very nasal sound of these grunts in actual use--as far as my hearing of them goes.
Nebelthal's even-toned, well-paced, unvoiced performance is in a professorial/lecture style that adds an air of importance to the material.
Moreover, even in Mesopotamia the cuneiform script itself is not helpful in distinguishing a voiced from an unvoiced stop for the signs in this entry, since NAB can be read as [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] or [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and BU as [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] or [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
We knew that there was a huge unvoiced demand for more drastic action.