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Luckily, we have a few features to help protect you from unwanted calls.
When asked, over half (64 per cent) of people from the West Midlands said they receive two unwanted Christmas presents every year.
The charity is hoping that people will donate any unwanted Christmas presents to them to help them continue funding life-saving research into heart disease.
Two thirds of people in Wales receive unwanted presents every year, with just over a quarter admitting they receive at least two.
These unwanted calls and SMSs offer phone packages, Internet facility, live commentary on cricket matches, breaking news and Sundry household services ranging from pest control to washing your water tank.
British Heart Foundation (BHF) shops launched their annual Unwanted Christmas Gifts Appeal where they found that the onesie came out top of the charts as the most unwanted gift.
By donating any unwanted gifts rather than throwing them away, someone will benefit.
A CHILDREN'S charity is appealing for unwanted Christmas presents to bring joy to vulnerable children.
Winning the Battle Against Unwanted Hair Growth Laura M.
A West Midlands Police constable is appealing for the public to hand over their unwanted bicycles so they can be revamped and given to needy families.
According to chiropractic, subluxations are responsible for most of the unwanted conditions people suffer with every day because they do not allow our bodies to function properly.
Abstract: A long-held belief among mental health practitioners is that being born unwanted carries a risk of negative psychosocial development and poor mental health in adulthood.