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The BHF shops will accept all unwanted gifts including candles, socks, games, handbags, books and DVDs.
30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- For Americans looking to dump their unwanted entertainment media properties this holiday seasons, the Backstreet Boys , Pirates of the Caribbean andCall of Duty Black Ops all topped the unwanted list, according to Decluttr, an online service that buys unwanted DVDs, CDs and video games from consumers.
Research has shown that more than half of us receive two unwanted Christmas presents each year.
These unwanted presents can make an extraordinary difference to BHF Cymru shops.
Other unwanted items include a celebrity cook book and socks.
Mike Lucas, director of retail at the British Heart Foundation, said: "Recycling your unwanted goods by donating them to your local BHF Furniture and Electrical store is an easy and practical way for people to help fight heart disease as well as helping the environment.
Pc Darren Harris, from Sedgley, wants unwanted bikes to go to a charity named City Can Cycle, set up by a teacher from Stourbridge.
When subluxations occur, and most people have them due to gravity, they cause unwanted stress to have an impact on the delicate spinal tissues and on the spinal bones.
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com to learn about drop-off options for unwanted computers and computer equipment at Goodwill locations.
However, the Unwanted Voucher Service could change all that.
PetSmart Charities, which founded its Rescue Waggin' two years ago to ferry unwanted dogs from the South to states in the upper Midwest, has provided $750,000 to find homes for unwanted pets.