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12) Whereas the Petrarchan persona finds himself unwarily trapped by Laura's eyes and wounded by Love's arrows, Stampa's lyric self welcomes the lover into her sexually suggestive "womb-heart.
Defoe's intention was to mock the High Anglican position by carrying it to extremes, but several eminent high churchmen, unwarily or perhaps with a sense of humour, gave it their endorsement.
Perhaps you have a grandchild in it," I ventured unwarily.
The noble Earl however admitted that he had unwarily said something as to its being fair "that the Prisoner should have a run for it.
For all his care with my reservations, Stephen White strains to class me with `modern statist' historians, with those who speak unwarily of `public/private', and who imply polarities between state, feudalism, and `true "government" that appeared after 1200'.
Yet it can teach the reader who consumes print and broadcast news unwarily to develop a critical eye and ear, whether that reader is an autodidact or a Ph.
But I felt as I read on that the balance of my sympathies was slowly ebbing away from the authority on Atticism and ancient geography I have so long revered to the indoctiores who may use this highly stimulating book unwarily.
The tower of the college was loaded with boulders to be dropped upon any unwarily approaching malcontents.
In recognizing cultural self-determination, the argument that "national minorities" unwarily introduces a political element is weakened.
Besides Garrel as the despotic Marioso Constantin, the other memorable thesp is Dominique Blanc, as his beloved only daughter, Rose, who is unwarily preparing to marry a cold, rich Arab.
Beer bottles, glasses and jugs include the kind where you unwarily drain your pint to find a toad staring at you from the bottom of the tankard.